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Reading the Sales Page

Want to improve your client relationships?

Track all client information and interaction to help close more deals, accelerate sales productivity by automating your business processes, and make insightful decisions with sales reporting all within your Accelo Sales Module.

Using this guide, you can:

Reading the Details on the Sales Page

Sales pages track the current status of each sales opportunity, your team’s sales correspondence with your client, and key metrics gathered throughout your Sales process.

Each Sale is presented in a two-column format that show details, status, activities, and upcoming work: overview1


A. Sales Details: Quick reference to all your Sales Details, including assigned Salesperson, Sales Type, a quick edit section for notes called Description, all related Quotes, and a graph for Sales Activity.

B. Status bar: An overview of the opportunity's current status, prior status history, as well as your options for moving each opportunity ahead in the process.  The available statuses for updating the opportunity's current status will differ depending on how you customize your sales process.  

accelo.Sales Status Progression
Move the status forward by clicking your desired status and your customized actions will automate preset activities, such as prompting you to send a templated email, creating a meeting, updating important fields (like due dates and sales values), and/or uploading files (like your brief or a request for proposal). 

C. Key Metrics: Under the status bar lie three areas of Key Metrics: 

- Key Values: Sales Amount, Probability, and Sales Rating. 

- Key Dates: Created, Due, and Date Closed (Actioned). 

- Key Effort: Last work (includes internal work like creating a quote and external work like calling a client), Last contact (including meetings, phones calls, and emails), and Total Effort (in the number of hours you've put into closing the deal). 

accelo.Sales Key Metrics

D. Upcoming Work: Under the Key Metrics section are details on that opportunity's upcoming work. This can include details of any upcoming and ongoing tasks and meetings that you or your team created in your sales process. Easily create new tasks and meetings by clicking + Create Task or +Schedule an activity links.

accelo.sales upcoming work

E. Stream: All logged correspondence and activities from your sales process.  This can include email correspondence between the salesperson and the client, the salesperson and the rest of your team, email attachments, meetings and phone calls that have been held, 3rd party sales contributors, and quotes. If you or the team has moved the sales status, you'll also find that detail here. 

F. Attachments: Find any files you've manually uploaded through the sales process, such as a client brief or proposal. or automatic attachments from all email correspondences whether you've sent it from within Accelo or your client emailed it directly to you. 

G. Related: Shows related Projects, Issues, and Retainers. For example, if you quote for a web application project from the sale and convert it into a live project, you will see "Strategic Planning" in this area. 

accelo. Sales related work

H. Assets: If there is a asset connected to the sale, it will show here. For example, if an old server at the client site has crashed, you could create a sale for a new server (and the service work involved) that is connected to the old server. This will allow your team to quickly reference the specifications of the old one. 

I. Tasks: A list view of all upcoming tasks. 


Updating your Sales

Your sales team is busy making calls and writing proposals, so to ensure that you don't spend your whole day updating your sales, we've narrowed the update process down to a few simple methods:

Edit Sales Details: 

Quickly make notes about something new on your sales opportunity. Click the Edit from the menu bar and choose Edit Sale, and change any the relevant fields.

accelo.edit sale 

Send Sales Correspondence

Send your client an email, schedule a meeting with the sales team, or note the details of a phone call.  

To log sales time

Simply use the +Add New Activity button found at the top of the View Sale.  Or click +Create button on the Navigation bar and choose New Activity. Use the Against field to search for your Sale, select your medium (Email, Meeting, etc.), and Send.

Add Activity 4

Schedule Upcoming Work 

Create a Task to remind yourself to call the client back, or have a coworker review your proposal. Click the Tasks tab click + Create Task link, and enter your preferred dates, assignee and description. upcoming work1

Progress the Sales Status

Have you booked your first meeting, sent a proposal, received an approval, or reached another milestone in your sales process? Update the sale's overall status by clicking the relevant status button and have it prompt you to update the correct information automatically

accelo.sales status bar


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