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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Project Schedule

Want to take your projects to the next level?

The Project Schedule offers a Gantt-style overview of your Project's Milestones and Tasks, allowing you to quickly and visually track your Project's progress.  

Using this guide, you can:


Planned, Predicted, Target, Scheduled, User Estimated and Actual Dates

Accelo's predictive scheduling tool uses six different dates to track and schedule your projects in real-time. Those dates are:

  • Planned

  • Predicted

  • Target

  • Actual

  • Scheduled

  • User Estimated

Click here to learn more about the Date Types above.

The Project Schedule offers a quick and visual tool for staying on top of these complex schedules by incorporating these dates for a comprehensive overview of your Project's schedule. To do that, each line of the schedule includes the time frame in which that work is expected to occur, offering insight into where potential scheduling issues may occur.

NOTE: The Schedule tab will only appear on the View Project screen once the Project is in the Active status.

schedule plain2

Each date is shown using a special format:

  • Solid Black Line: Planned Dates 

  • Dotted Line: Predicted Dates 

  • Dotted Outline: Target Dates

  • Solid Outline: Actual Dates

  • Black or White Circle: User Estimated Dates

The Gantt also uses color-coding to identify whether these dates are behind or ahead of schedule:

  • Green: Ahead of Schedule

  • Orange: Expected to Complete Behind Schedule

  • Red: Actively Behind Schedule

For more information on how these dates are used to schedule your team, check out Dynamic Scheduling.

Using Schedule Filters

To help simplify your complex projects, and focus on specific details and work, the Schedule offers several filters:


  • Search: Search the title of your Milestones and Tasks for specific work

  • Planned/Predicted: Toggles the Planned and Predicted Dates appearing for each line of the Schedule

  • Target/Actual: Toggles the Target and Actual Dates appearing for each line of the Schedule

  • My Work Only: Shows only Milestones and Tasks which you are either assigned to, or manage

  • Hide Complete: Hides all Milestones and Tasks which have been completed

  • Showing Day/Week: Changes the schedule's time frame to view either individual days, or full weeks

  • Go To Today: Jumps the view to "today"

  • Fullscreen: Expands the schedule to take up the full page

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