Payment Settings
Accelo Payments is currently in beta.

Accelo Payments streamlines the payment process by automatically charging your clients for your Accelo invoices. Payments offers a wide selection of settings to help you implement your policy for which invoices should be paid, and how the funds should be categorized.

Using this guide, you can


General Settings

General settings for Accelo Payments apply to all payments which are made by Accelo Payments.



Enable Payments

Enables automatic payments through Accelo Payments. This is an easy way to instantly disable all automatic payments for any reason. When disabled, you can still record payments manually, and sync them with your integrated accounting system.

Receipt Method

When Accelo Payments charges your clients, a payment record is automatically created in Accelo. The receipt method determines how that payment is categorized in Accelo, and which ledger the payment should be applied to in your integrated accounting system. You can customize your receipt methods and the account ledger they're associated with by following this guide.

Accelo Payments offers separate receipt method settings for credit/debit card payments, and ACH/bank account payments.  We recommend using a separate ledger for payments received via Accelo Payments to make them easier to distinguish and reconcile at the end of each month.


Payment Limits

Accelo Payments offers settings to control which invoices are paid automatically. These settings are applied to invoices based on the kind of work which they represent - Project invoices, Ticket invoices, Retainer invoices and general Company invoices. To determine what kind of work an invoice represents, simply open the invoice and check this area:

Payment settings can be used to implement your company policy for credit card payments, setting maximum amounts to prevent unexpected fees, and ensuring that your clients are never surprised by an unexpected charge.



Project/Ticket/Retainer/Company Invoices

Enables automatic payments for this kind of invoice

Minimum Amount

The minimum amount which Accelo Payments will attempt to charge automatically. Must be at least $1.00

Maximum Amount

The maximum amount which Accelo Payments will attempt to charge automatically. Can not exceed $50,000.00.

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