Track all of your lunch meetings or training materials, and other miscellaneous Expenses within your Retainers, and instantly bill clients and/or reimburse business expenditures.

The Accelo Expenses are available for Premium Users.

Using this guide, you can:

Create an Expense 

The Expenses tab is accessible on your ProjectsTickets and Retainer Periods. Knowing that Projects and Tickets can be linked to Retainers, these Expenses do not need to be created in the Retainer Period itself. 

To create an expense in a Retainer Period:

  1. Navigate to the desired Retainer Period, and click the Expense tab. 

  2. Click on the Add Expense button. 

  3. You will be taken to a pop-up window where you can create an expense.

    Create a new expense

The fields you can update on this screen include:

  • Title - This is the name of the Expense you'll be creating.

  • Type - This is the type of Expense. This information is linked to the types you'll create which has a specific Ledger Codes tied to your accounting system.

  • Date Incurred - The date of which your Expense was incurred.

  • Quantity - How many of your Expenses there were. This will multiply against your Unit Cost.

  • Purchase Price - The Purchase Price of this particular expense.

  • Sale Price - The Sale Price of this particular expense.
  • Reimbursable - Do the funds for the expense go back to the one who incurred it?

  • Billable - Is this going to be invoiced to the Client?

  • Attachment - Attach any relevant files you may have. A copy of a receipt for example.

Once all the requested information is saved, it will appear under the appropriate Period.



Approving and Editing an Expense

After submitting an expense, a notification email is sent automatically from the user entering the expense to the user managing the Retainer, prompting the manager to approve the expense. You will also be able to see this email inside the Period Stream. 

After you submit an Expense, by default it will appear in a Submitted status. All of your expenses for an object will then be visible in the Expense Tab for that Object.  

To edit/change an Expense, simply click on the three-dot icon at the right of it.

3 dot 3 Your editing options:

  • Edit - This will take you to the same screen when Creating an expense to update your details.

  • Approve - This will mark the expense as being Approved. A notification will be sent to the user who submitted the expense, informing them of the change.

  • Decline - This will mark the expense as being Declined. A notification will be sent to the user who submitted the expense, informing them of the change.

  • Reimburse - Will autofill the Reimbursed Date and Reimburser  fields.
  • Delete - This will delete the Expense. This can only be done when the Expense is in a 'Submitted' status. If changed to Approved/Declined, deleting will no longer be an option for record-keeping purposes.

  • Permissions - For those without inherited ability to view expenses. you can invite users to have selective permissions for the particular expense here.  

  • Relocate - Relocate this expense against another Project, Ticket or Retainer period.


Expense List

You can always view your Expenses under a specific Period, but you may wish to view all of your Expenses over all your Retainers.

You can easily View All of your Expenses by navigating to the Modules Bar, and clicking Expenses.


Adding Expenses on Mobile

Make sure you track your Expenses when you are away from the computer in real-time by utilizing our mobile apps. You can find help guides below -

Retainer Expense Configuration

Retainers are either Pre-paid or Post-paid. When setting up pre-paid Retainers with a set allowance, you have to choose whether to not to include Materials and Expenses within that allowance or in addition to that allowance.

Edit Retainer Period 2
Note: This setting can be set up on the overall Retainer or edited within a Retainer Period.

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