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Ticket Budget

Keep a budget tracked on your Tickets for a real time cost comparison of the time and money tallied as staff do their work, seeing how much time and money you are spending on individual clients, and allowing you to have higher level discussions on where you can best allocate your resources.

Using this guide, you can:


Ticket Budget

Having a budget on a Ticket is optional. They are useful for quoting ad-hoc services, or small quoted sets of work. A user may be able to set the budget and rate when creating the Ticket, but you can always add/edit the budget afterwards as well.

To edit the budget:

  1. Select Edit Budget on the left side of the Ticket View page.

  2. A window will pop up, where you can set the Budget.

  3. Search for and select the Service Type if necessary, from your saved Service Items. This will allow you to keep track of the Services you are providing, for your personal records. This will not affect the Budget price.

  4. Choose the type of Rate you wish to use.


    Time only (no rate): Only budget the amount of time needed to complete this Ticket, without applying a rate. This is the same as choosing to make a Ticket non-billable.

    Use staff rate: Apply the rates of the individual users working on this Ticket. Set up rates.

    Defined rate: Choose a set rate from the drop-down list, which you can also choose to override if necessary.

  5. Enter the Budget of hours for this Ticket.

    If you have chosen to apply Staff Rates, then you will not be able to set hours, but you will be able to choose a defined price for the Ticket.


    If you have chosen to apply a Defined Rate, then the number of hours you enter will automatically calculate the price for the Ticket.

  6. Add any Materials to the Ticket Budget. These can be inputted from your saved list of Materials, or can be entered as needed for each Ticket. Click "Add New Materials" to add a new Material. You can list as many Materials as required. Click the Save button when you have entered the details of the Material to save it. 


Once you save the budget, you will see more information under the Budget & Work section on the left-hand side of your Ticket:

  • Ticket Budget: May include hours, monetary value, or both, depending on the budget type you selected. The Circle will slowly fill in as work is logged. It will remain Green when it is on target, but once it is over budget, a red circle will slowly fill.

  • Billing Rate - The current rate applied. If you have changed rates, the budget will adapt moving forward. This will not change the rate retroactively for previous work done.

  • Current Tasks - The number of Tasks that have been completed out of the total number of Tasks created against the Ticket. The circle will slowly fill in as the number of completed tasks approach the number of Tasks under the Ticket.

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