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Record your client communication, staff collaboration and meetings, and work notes ensuring you capture all billable or non-billable time completed against your Tasks, Projects, Sales, Retainers, Assets, Clients, and more. Messages are the heart of your metrics and your work in Accelo. 

Most of your team’s logged work will be recorded as a Message.  Any time you complete work and need to log work against something, you should use an activity - and simultaneously keep track of your billable time for easy Invoicing.

Using these Message guides, you can learn about:


What is a Message?

Message is any work that you have completed, and the primary way to log time through Accelo.

Whether you're sending an email to a client, creating an intern note, setting up a future meeting, logging a call, or logging your time against Client Workall of your internal and external correspondence is recorded as a Message.


Messages vs. Tasks

An Activity is work you have completed and correspondence you have shared with your clients.

A Task is work you have set for yourself to be done, or your "to-do" list. Tasks can be a reminder of something to do in the future, or a task to be completed for an ongoing project.

Click here to learn more about Tasks.


Logging 'Against'

Logging Against an Object is an important part of logging any Message, as well as creating Timers. Logging Against an Object allows you to log a new Message in the appropriate part of the platform, so that you can keep track of all messages completed under a Project, Client, Contact, Task, etc.

When logging a new Message or creating a Timer, there will always be a bar which says 'Against'. Type keywords of an Object you would like to log it Against, and a search will be done for the Object. Simply select the Object you would like to log against.


This can also be used when logging Messages like Emails, because you will be able to then see a list of Contacts' email addresses that you can send an email to.

Company Paper Company 2

Any Tasks pertaining to that Object will also appear below, and you can select a particular Task you wish to log the Message Against.

Task Activity 2


Types of Messages

There are five different types of Messages you can log, all of which can be logged from the same window: Notes, Emails, Meetings, Calls, and Postal.


  • Note (Internal) - Notes are internal messages as well as a way to log time.
  • Email (Internal & External)- Send emails to Contacts or Colleagues.
  • Meeting (Internal & External) - Allows you to invite Contacts or Colleagues to a meeting. 
  • Call (Internal) - Useful for recording the notes from a phone call.
  • Postal (Internal) - Log information about letters or packages you have sent to Contacts, such as package tracking numbers.

For more information on each of these types of Messages and how to log them, go to the Message Types page.

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