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Custom Fields

Customize which information you wish to track within a specific Sale, Project, or Ticket within your Accelo account by creating custom fields. Track relevant data needed to complete the work, pick from a lists of options to make reporting easier or sort information easily to assign and complete work. Our custom fields let you shape Accelo to match just what your business needs.

Using this guide, you can:


What is a Custom Field? 

Custom fields are user-defined fields and are part of the custom object or standard object definition. Capture your unique business data by storing it in custom fields. When you create a custom field, you configure where you want it to appear and optionally control export and security options at the field level.


Should I use a Custom Profile Field or a Custom Field?

Custom Profile Fields can be made available across many product types, ie - across your Sales types, Project types, Ticket/Issue types, etc. Profile Fields allow you to configure customized fields which apply to all records within that product, not just a singular record.

So, for instance, if you have information you wish to populate across all products (unified) such as certain services being offered, or client business hours, you would use the custom profile fields feature.

Alternatively, custom fields only apply to one specific type of Project, Ticket, Sale, or Retainer. So, for instance, if you have a field which only needs to be recorded during a certain Sales process, you should use the custom fields feature, found under that product's progressions page.


Configure Custom Fields

Custom fields are another important part of the business process tools provided by Accelo. They are similar to custom profile fields in that they are very configurable but they only apply to a specific type. Custom fields allow you to define more fields, on a type by type basis, for Sales, Projects, Issues and more in Accelo.

For example, we can assume that every Project has a title, Manager, status and a few date fields - like commenced and due. Therefore, these are fields that we include on every Project. Beyond that, it's up to you to define the fields you need to keep track of your work.

To create a new Custom Field:

  1. Navigate to Configuration and choose Project > Progressions & Actions. Next, choose a specific Project Type

  2. Under the Custom Field tab click +New Custom Field button.

  3. Choose the Field Type to determine how you would like this information captured. custom field

    Contributor - Read more about contributors here

    Currency - Users must enter a number which will be defined as a currency when exporting.

    Date & Time - An exact date & time to be filled in.

    Date Field - An exact date to be filled in. 

    Drop-down (Fixed) - Define options. Only one may be chosen.

    Drop-down (Flexible) - Define options. Allow for users to also add options when filling out this field. 

    Drop-down (Multiple) - Define options. Allow users to choose more than one option.

    Formula (date) - Create a date formula that syncs with your Excel documents

    Formula (number) - Create a date formula that syncs with your Excel documents

    Hyperlink - Add a clickable link for another website or picture

    Number - Users may only enter a number in this field

    Object Lookup - Look up a Staff member, Company, or Affiliation

    Text - A box to fill in a small amount of text

    Textbox - A larger box to capture a larger description of text

  4. Optionally fill in the Default value for this custom field, and any Help Text to provide users context when filling in this field

  5. Optional check boxes change how this custom field functions in your account: 

    accelo.custom field check boxes

    Exported - Add this custom field to your Excel exports for reporting purposes

    Important - This field will populate on your View/Edit pages

    Sensitive - Only users with Sensitive permission access can see this field

  6. If you have multiple custom fields you wish to group together, click +New Custom group and drag and drop each field you wish to fall under this group. In your exports and within your Accelo account these fields will now always be grouped together.

    accelo.Create Custom Field Group

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