Help and Support » FAQs » How can I Import my Clients, Contacts and Sales Data?

Getting your client data & contact details into Accelo is one of the first things you'll want to do. See how you can import yours, easily.

Accelo offers several tools for importing your data, depending on where it currently resides.

Importing from a CSV file Import client and contact data from an Excel spreadsheet
Importing your Sales from a CSV Import your current and past sales data into Accelo
Importing from Google Contacts Import your Google contacts
Importing from Salesforce Import contacts, sales and notes from your Salesforce account
Importing Projects from Basecamp Import existing projects from Basecamp Classic.  Not compatible with Basecamp HQ
Importing from CapsuleCRM Import your client and contact information from CapsuleCRM
Importing from Saasu Import and sync your contacts, invoices, tax and ledger codes from Saasu with Accelo
Importing from Xero Import and sync your contacts, invoices, tax and ledger codes from Xerowith Accelo
Importing from QuickBooks Import and sync your contacts, invoices, tax and ledger codes from QuickBooks Desktop or Online with Accelo
Importing from Autotask Import your clients and contacts from Autotask
Importing from Connectwise Import your clients and contacts along with any open and closed tickets

Deleting Company and Contact Data

If you run an import and make a mistake, and decide you want to delete some of the records that you've got in Accelo - you've got two choices:

  • Deleting individual company and contact records
  • Deleting a group of company and contact records (bulk delete)

Of course, if you're stuck, you can always email us - contact our helpful support team at [email protected] 

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