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View Period

Struggling to manage contracts & ongoing services?

See all period details, activities, invoices, and a quick click to Retainer projects and issues on your View Retainer Period page.

Using this guide, you can:

View Period

The View Period screen provides you additional details for each of your periods, displaying recent activity, invoice history and the general details of the retainer period.

To reach the View Period screen, click on the period dates under the Periods section when viewing the retainer.



This tab summarizes the work allocated to this period. As you can see, work can be allocated through Projects and Issues, or by Tasks and Activities logged directly against the period. The usage will update in real-time as staff log work against the period, or allocate issues and projects to the period.



See the most recent activities recorded against any of the retainer periods, or non-billable conversations tracked against the retainer itself.


Click the List & Export button to view a full list of all emails, calls, and notes against the retainer.


Once you hit this button, you will be taken to a list view that you can filter from and export. 



Store and locate files related to the retainer. Create folders to keep your files organized.



These are the tasks that have been created for this period. They may have been scheduled as part of the period template or may have been added later using the New Task button.


Note - Adding new tasks will not increase the hourly budget or cost for the period - you must edit the period to do this.


This tab reveals all invoices created for this Period. In most cases, you will only invoice once per period, but you may need to generate an invoice for excess work, or perhaps invoice for non-labor items separately.


To invoice, click Create Invoice from the taskbar and choose to Invoice for either excess work in general, or only the approved excess work.

Create Invoice 2



See all materials that have been added to retainer invoices associated with the retainer period. Displayed are all details that you have added to your retainer invoices, including the Description, Quantity, Amount, Tax, Rate, and the Ledger number. Click Add New Material to add a new Material to this Period.

Period Materials 123  


View all Expenses associated with this Retainer Period. Click Create Expense to add a new Expense to this Period. Click the Export button to export a list of all Expenses logged against this Period. Click the View Detailed List button to view a list of all your Expenses.



Other Features

Usage Summary

See a quick time graph of consumption of the period allowance on the left-hand side of the Period screen, whether the allowance is monetary or hours-based. This will update in real-time as staff logs their work against the period.

The Duration flood bar shows the elapsed days as a percentage of the total period days. When compared with the usage allowance above, you can get a good indication of whether the allowance might be exceeded.


Retainer Period Details & Key Dates

View important details of the Retainer Period, including the Total Price, Type, Allowance, Manager, Billing Contact, and important dates.


Edit Period

On the View Retainer screen, scroll down to the Periods section, then click on the three-dot icon and select Edit to edit a period. Here you can change the duration of this Period, the rate for excess work, to rollover hours, add a Task, or add an Inclusion. 

Edit Period2 

Delete Period

On the View Retainer screen, scroll down to the Periods section, then click on the three-dot icon and select Delete to delete a period. Deleting a Period disassociates the included Projects, Issues, Tasks, and time which are against this Period from the Retainer.

Delete Period 

Close Period

On the View Retainer screen, scroll down to the Periods section, then click on the three-dot icon and select Close to close a period. Closing the Period will lock the Period down, and prevent any further objects from being allocated against it.

Close Period 

Manage & Approve Time (PREMIUM)

Re-allocate work for your team between periods, approve work, remove work from the retainer, and more.

The Manage & Approve Time option is an advanced feature which allows you to view all unlocked periods and their allocations so that you can shuffle work between periods.

Manage and Approve Time2

Unlinking Time from a Period

If you've accidentally allocated time from an issue or project to the wrong period, then you don't actually need to unlink it from the retainer - you can use the Manage and Approve Time feature to shuffle time from one period to another.

However, if you've allocated it to the wrong retainer, or need to invoice for it directly, then you'll need to fully unlink the time from the period and retainer.

To unlink work logged against a Retainer period:

  1. Open the period where the time is allocated and click the Usage tab.

  2. Find the ticket or project or activity, and click the Unlink option on the right side.

    Screen Shot 2015 11 16 at 3.33.51 PM

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