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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

View a Ticket

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Quickly and easily see the Ticket details, activities, invoices, and all work logged. Edit any Ticket details to keep your records up to date and ensure that your work is billed correctly.

Using this guide, you can:

Find a Ticket

View your Tickets to see pertinent details and monitor ongoing work. There are a number of ways to view your Tickets. Search from the navigation bar for a specific Ticket, view Tickets through the Tickets list, or find a Ticket in the Company page Stream.

To find tickets using Global Search:

  1. Click on the Search bar. Start typing the word Ticket. After a few characters you can hit Tab to auto fill the rest of the characters.

  2. Enter the Subject or Company/Client of the Ticket to search for it.

  3. Select the relevant Ticket from the drop-down list.

To find a ticket in the Tickets list:

  1. Select Tickets from the left hand side navigation bar then See all Tickets

  2. The Ticket List will appear.

  3. Utilize the default and saved filters from the drop-down options at the top of your screen or use the Configure button to set additional filters. 

  4. Click the Ticket # or Title to view the ticket.

To find a ticket on a Company Page:

  1. Navigate to the Company page you want to view.

  2. Click on the Work tab.

  3. Scroll to view a list of all Tickets created against this Company and click on the Title to view it.



View Ticket Details

The Ticket view screen provides you a bird's eye view of the Ticket, displaying the status, details including when the ticket was submitted and when it is due, the priority, assignee, type, and a plethora of other settings/options.


Listed across the center of the screen are several sections and tabs containing information to help you manage your Ticket. You can use the More drop-down to select and deselect the most important tabs you wish to view. Your selections are specific to your user account and will be reflect the same options for all Tickets you view. The Overview and Stream tabs are defaults, and cannot be disabled. 


You can view additional details about the Company & Contact, class, and tags by using the Infobar drop-down.




In the first section of your Ticket, you will find the Summary, Upcoming Tasks, Most Recent Contact Activity, Budget Information, Linked Retainers, and Status History.

  • Summary: Includes a brief description of what work is being completed on this Ticket. To edit the Summary, click on the Edit button. Make changes and click anywhere outside of the box to easily Save your work.


  • Upcoming Tasks: A quick view of all upcoming work to be completed against the Ticket. You can expand or collapse the task using the arrows, or create additional tasks using the plus icon. Learn more about Creating Tasks.


  • Most Recent: Your most recent client activity will display here. Hover over the name icon or time to view additional details in a hover state. 

  • Budget: View all Budget information including Current Value/Budgeted Value, Current Time/Budgeted Time, Rate, Remaining Task Time, and a Progress Bar with current Value percentage.

  • Retainer: If the Ticket is linked to a Retainer, the Retainer and its relevant details will display here.

  • Status History: Includes information about each Status the Ticket has been in, as well as other relevant details like how long it was in that Status, for example. 



Quickly see the most recent activities recorded against the Ticket, or any non-billable conversations tracked against the Ticket itself. Use the Search Bar to search for relevant conversations. You can also set filters to help narrow down results. 



The Details tab allows you to view custom fields and custom profile fields set on your Ticket. 


By default, you will see all Open Tasks associated with the Ticket. To see all tasks, including Completed Tasks, toggle to All. Quickly add a new Task for this Ticket by clicking + Task. Learn more about Adding Tasks.


View all work Related to the Ticket, such as Retainers, Assets, and Signoffs. You can also create a related object using the + Related button. 


Store, locate, and upload files related to the Ticket. Create folders to keep your files organized. Learn more about Attachments.


View all Materials related to this ticket. To add a Material, click the + Material button. Learn more about Materials.


See all invoices created for this Ticket. To add an invoice use the + Invoice button, or from the 3 dot icon click More then Create Related Invoice. Learn more about Creating Invoices




View all Expenses added to this Ticket. You can create an Expense using the + Expense button. Learn more about Expenses.



Create Activity (Message, Event)

Click + Message to create an activity agasint this Ticket. Click + Event to organize a Meeting. Learn more about Activities.

Log Work, Start Timer, and Additional Options

Click Log Work to log time to the Ticket. You can start a Timer on the Ticket by clicking the Clock icon. Finally The 3 Dot Menu will bring up all additional Ticket options like Merging or Converting to another Ticket Type.

If this work has already been submitted on another ticket, or you want to complete the work off of another ticket, click Merge a Ticket, which will bring you to another page where you can search for an open ticket attached to this client.

Or, if you start work on a ticket and the scope of the work has changed, easily Convert this Ticket to another Ticket Type by clicking Convert to type and filling out relevant details.


Manage & Approve Time

The Approval Process is a feature that allows you to view all work completed and easily drag and drop logged unapproved activities to the approved activities section. Save time from individually approving every activity. Learn more about Approving Work.


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