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Ticket Resolutions

Resolutions are useful in helping you track how certain Tickets are solved - potentially creating a knowledge base. Create resolutions for particular types of tickets in order to automate the process of closing a ticket.

Using this guide, you can:




When you resolve or close a Ticket in Accelo you may have a progression action associated which asks you to specify the resolution type. A resolution is a form to take notes on how a Ticket was resolved in order to resolve or close the Ticket.



Add a Resolution

The process for modifying Ticket resolutions is very similar to handling Ticket classes. An admin user can review the list of resolutions and add new resolutions or make changes.

To view your resolutions:

  1. Click the Modules button.

  2. Select Configuration.

  3. Select Tickets and choose Resolutions.


The list of resolutions will be organized with columns by the current status of Tickets matching that resolution. The statuses are shown as differently colored books.

Ticket Resolution 

  • Red: Submitted
  • Yellow: Opened
  • Green: Resolved
  • Blue: Closed

See a list of Tickets under each status matching a particular resolution type by clicking on any available data under the appropriate status.

For example clicking the ‘1’ in the image below will show you a list of Closed Tickets whose resolution type is "Configuration Error". 

Tickets Resolution
To add a resolution:

  1. Click the Add Resolution Type button.

    Resolution Type  
  2. Enter a Title for the Resolution.
  3. Choose whether this Resolution has a Parent Resolution you would like it to be dependent on.
  4. Choose whether you want this Resolution to be active or inactive.
  5. Enter a Description for the Resolution. This could say "Enter all relevant details into the form below."
  6. Click Save.



Manage your Resolutions

Manage, edit, and delete Resolutions to ensure that all information is entered accurately.

To edit a resolution:

  1. Click the Title of a resolution type in the list.

  2. Edit any details, as shown above.

To add a child resolution:

  1. Click the + icon next to a particular Resolution type to create a child resolution for that entry.

    Add child  
  2. Enter all details, as shown above. The Parent resolution will be automatically filled in.


To delete a resolution:

  1. Click the recycle bin next to any Resolution to delete it.

    Delete Resolution
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