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When would I create Divisions? (Premium)

Note: This feature is available for Premium Licenses only.

Use divisions to give you the flexibility to work with clients with different details, rates and even different identities. Divisions are an Accelo Premium feature. Divisions are ideal if your business uses different brands under one business umbrella, or has a different set of rates you charge to certain clients, or perhaps you have a special VIP hotline phone number for one group of clients that you'd love to include in your signature.

Divisions are an advanced feature ideal for business that have distinct service divisions, subsidiaries or international offices which use different email addresses and branding, as well as different billable rates.

They allow your staff to continue using one user account while Accelo works out which division a client belongs to in order to select the appropriate email skin and billable rate.

Note - You can create as many divisions as you need.

To set-up a new division:

  1. Click the Modules button and choose Configuration

  2. Under the Users & Groups section, click Divisions


  3. Click Add Division

  4. You can also use this screen to view and manage your existing divisions, as well as delete or edit them.

  5. Enter a Name for the division. You can change this later by editing the division from the list screen shown previously.

  6. Logo Upload or Logo URL - Upload a division logo or an appropriate size logo to a public website (such as your company’s website). This logo can then be used automatically when emailing clients within this division.

  7. Click Save, and you'll now be viewing the new division, where you can Add Clients & Contacts, assign Staff, apply any special Rates, and configure your Signature.

  8. To add clients or contacts, search for the Client or Contact Name in the search bar, and click the +Add button and verify by clicking the check mark. You will see their name populate below.

  9. To remove clients or contacts, click the X next to their name. You will no longer see the name in the Clients / Contacts in this Service Division box.


Choose different rates for clients in this division

If you'd like to charge a different rate for a particular client service division, you can do so in this module and find it applied anytime you bill them from Accelo.

Screen Shot 2015 11 11 at 10.29.29 PM

To apply special Rates to clients:

  1. Click on the Division name you wish to edit.

  2. Choose the Rates tab. A list of all Billable Rates you have entered into you account will appear.

  3. Assign any Override rates, and/or decide which of these rates are applicable to this Division by choosing whether this rate is Selectable for services provided.

  4. Save by clicking on the save icon on each row.

  5. If you wish to add a new Rate that is not in this list, you can do this under Configuration > Billing & Rates > Rates


Assign staff with rates higher or lower than your default amount

Along with different rates, you can assign particular staff members to these clients, and even charge a special rate for their work. A senior designer might be worth more in the industry type you're choosing to work with, or perhaps you've negotiated a lower price for this group of clients (perhaps they're your original clients and you promised to give them preferential rates).

To apply Special Rates to staff:

  1. Click on the Division name you wish to edit.

  2. Choose the Staff tab. Use the search bar to find any Users in your Account and verify by clicking the check mark.

  3. To edit the Rate or apply a Custom Signature to this staff, click the Edit icon button on each row.

    Support Division

  4. To remove a Staff from this list, click on the recycle bin icon on each row.


Build a custom signature for this division

As if you had a sub-company, you can assign a custom signature for this part of your business - great for situations where you want to give a group of clients a different phone number because they're VIPs, or for that matter not show a phone number at all because they're not!!

Support toolbar

For those clients out there running multiple brands under one roof, Divisions are also a great way to present multiple faces and brand identities to different clients from the same Accelo instance. Custom logos, colors, email addresses and website links are all possible - you're only limited by your imagination (and the fact email programs aren't great at rendering fancy signatures - so don't try including stuff too fancy that might get you blocked by spam checking systems!)

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