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How can you add in additional Users?

Adding Additional Users

Accelo AddUsers

To add additional users, simply open your Configurations via the Module Button on the top left. Now find Users & Groups. Once you find the List of Users, you can use the Add User button found at the top of the users list.  When adding a new user, you'll be prompted for their contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) as well as some additional details:

  • Managers: Other Accelo user(s) who act as this person's manager
  • Skills: Tagging your users with skills enables you to search for users that share a similar skill set from your user list and more quickly identify which users share a similar skill set when assigning work via the Team Schedule. More about Skills can be found on our blog article, Schedule Tasks To The Right Person With Skills Tagging!
  • Groups: Groups which this person is a member of.  These groups are used for both granting access permissions, and as delivery groups for notifications.
  • Default Billable Rate: The amount which you charge for an hour of this person's work. The list of standard rates can also be overwritten if the person has a special rate.
  • Default Cost Rate: The amount which you pay this person for an hour of their work. This is used when determining the cost and profitability of their work, and can also be overwritten if they have a special rate.
  • Timezone: The timezone which the person resides in.
  • Invite User: Use this checkbox to automatically email them an invitation to log in to their new account.
  • Email Sending: Choose the email address which will be used as the From address when this person sends email from Accelo.  Options range from their personal email address to a generic address such as
  • Username & Password: Choose the username and password which will be assigned to this person.  These can be edited by the user once they've logged in.
  • Financial Visibility: Select between allowing this user to see financial details such as budgets and rates, or whether they see that information translated into time estimates. For additional details, see our help guide on Financials Visibility. 
  • Access Level: Choose the level of access which this person will have to Accelo.  Additional detail on these levels can be found on the Licenses help page.
    • Admin: Full, unrestricted access to Accelo
    • Professional: Your standard user who can log time, create & manage work, but can't administer Accelo.  
    • Contractor: Part-time users who need to access and record their time spent on assigned work.  This reduced-cost user level can record time, but can't manage complex work such as projects.
    • Collaborator: Administrative staff who only need to view information in Accelo. This user level is free, but can not record time or be assigned work, or handle invoicing.
  • Status: Should this new user be immediately able to access Accelo, or should their account be inactive for now?

Viewing User Details

Now that you've created a user, you'll want to review their details to ensure accuracy.  You should begin by reviewing your own account, by clicking your name in the top right corner of the screen, and selecting Account.  


You can view other users' account details via the Users link and clicking their name.

User Summary

The main area of each user page provides a quick overview of the user's current contact details. By default, this contact information will appear in the signature of emails sent from Accelo.  Below, you'll find additional details on this user, including:

  • User Activities: The default view under this section is of your recent usage of Accelo - this is measured by the number of activities you have entered (in blue) and the number of hours logged (in green), on a week by week basis.
  • Managers: This tab lists any staff members that the current user is managing. Managing a user tells Accelo to cc you on any work they log or emails they send from Accelo. This is usually helpful within the first few months for orienting a new staff member. Managers can also view the timesheets of users that they are managing to ensure these users are logging their time properly.
  • Groups: The groups tab lets a user see which staff groups they are associated with. Each group grants its own set of additional permissions.


  • Division: Divisions is an advanced feature for businesses that have distinct service divisions, subsidiaries or international offices which use different email addresses and branding. The division tab allows a user to choose which divisions apply to their user account.
  • Signature: The signature tab allows a user to opt to use the admin-set signature or to create and use their own custom signature.

Changing Passwords

You and your fellow users may find that you need to change your Accelo password.  To change that password, click the User Actions button and select the Change Password option.  For Google Apps users, this will read Set Web Filesystem Password, since you're accessing Accelo via your Google account, with your Accelo password only being used to access the web file system.

User Preferences / Settings

Accelo offers many settings which can be used by each user to customize their experience.  To find and change those settings, click your name in the top right corner of Accelo, and click Settings.  These settings are unique to each user, and can only be set by them.  Those settings are:

  • Default Home Screen & Dashboard: The screen you'll see when logging in to Accelo, and when using the Home icon
  • Work Week: Your standard work availability, complete with the days on which you work and the number of hours you work on each day.  This information is used by Accelo's scheduling tools to plan your daily work.
  • Default Visibility: Choose whether your time entries and email correspondence should be displayed selectively, using the visibility options you set for each activity and client, or whether all of your activities should be made confidential, and available only to users whom each activity was sent to.
  • Auto Contact Creation: The Auto Create Contacts tool helps to build your contacts database.  That's done by automatically creating new contacts when you receive an email from an address from someone who isn't a contact yet, but whose email domain matches an existing contact's.  This is only done for business domains such as, not for public domains such as
  • Action Email Replies: Determines whether emails which are responded to by you or other Accelo users should be Actioned, AKA marked as Read, in your Accelo inbox.
  • Autostart Activity Timer: Determines whether the timer runs automatically when you begin to create a new activity
  • Notification Settings: These options help you control the specific situations in which you'd like to receive a notification by defining the Notification scenario, and the modules you'd like to receive notifications for.  All notifications are enabled by default, but can be disabled to reduce the amount of notifications which you receive.  Those notification scenarios are:
    • When you create the activity: Emails you a copy of activities which you create in Accelo.  Great for keeping backups of your work outside of Accelo
    • When you manage the object the activity is again: Sends you a copy of activities which are logged against sales, projects, tasks, etc. which you manage
    • When you manage the client the object is again: Sends you a copy of activities which are logged against clients which you manage
    • When you manage a staff member who sent or was included on the activity: Sends you a copy of all activities which are to sent to or from an Accelo user whom you manage
    • When you are the creator of the Task: Notifies you when tasks which you created have their status or assignee changed.
    • When you are the manager of the Task: Notifies you when tasks when you manage have their status or assignee changed
    • When you are the assignee of the Task: Notifies you when tasks which you're assigned have their status or assignee changed 

    • When you are the assignee of the milestone: Notifies you when project milestones you're assigned have their status or assignee changed
    • When you are the project manager of the milestone: Notifies you when the milestones of projects which you manage have their status or assignee changed.


  • Two Factor Authentication: Two factor authentication integrates a separate authentication app, accessed via your smart phone, into the Accelo login process.  This tool is great for ensuring that your Accelo account stays secure, and is highly recommended.  See the two factor authentication setup guide for step-by-step instructions on how to add two factor authentication to your account.
  • API Application Access: Lists all of the applications which are currently allowed to access your Accelo account via the API, including the Accelo mobile app.
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