The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Manage Tasks

In Accelo Mobile app, stay productive with important tasks assigned to you while you're on the go. See the task details, communications, and checklist items. Update the status, summary, and make sure to tick those checklist items when done!

In this guide, you can:




 View Tasks List

  • Tap on the More tab on the bottom right corner of the screen

  • Tap on Tasks

  • This will bring up a list of all Tickets in your Accelo deployment. By default, closed and inactive tickets are hidden.

    • Filter your tasks by Date Created and by showing or hiding inactive tasks.

    • Search for a particular tasks by searching the task Title or ID.


View Task Details

  • Tap on a Task to view the Task Details

  • On the Task screen you can:

    • See the task overview

      • The Task overview includes the following details:

        • Task status = shows the current status of the task

        • Assignee = shows the staff or user assigned to the task

        • Priority = shows the task priority

        • Start Date = shows the planned start date of the task

        • Due Date = shows the planned due date of the task

        • Progress = shows the number of hours and minutes logged vs the total hours and minutes budget

    • View and Edit the summary field

      • Tap on the EDIT button to enter or edit the summary

      • Once done entering the summary, tap on SAVE to update the summary

    • See the Task stream

      • All timeline events related to the task are shown

      • All activities associated with the task such as messages, events, call logs, and work logs are shown

    • Manage the task checklist

      • Add a checklist item by tapping on the “Add checklist item” button

      • Delete a checklist item by swiping the task and tapping on the “Delete” button

      • Rearrange the checklist items by dragging the handlebar at the right.

    • Favorite a task

      • Tap on the Kebab icon to see more actions
      • Tap on the favorite button
      • See that the object is now favorited.


Not yet supported:

  • Viewing the task attachments

  • Viewing task time and value flood bar graph
  • Creating a Task

  • Deleting a Task

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