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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Where do I alter the Forms API Access Settings?

If you're using our forms API to push company information, new sales or issues into Accelo, you can control the security level for these forms at 2 levels:

Globally, via the General Configuration

You'll need to be an Admin user to adjust these settings from Administration > General Configuration

The access level can be adjust for Companies, Issues and Sales. Scroll through to review the settings for each.

Explanation of Access Options

Challenge: Accelo will not accept the form data unless the user has successfully verified using a captcha code.

Open: Accelo will accept the form data as long as we receive the minimum required fields.

Disabled: Accelo will reject all form data for this module.

For a specific Sale or Ticket type

For example, you may have 3 web-forms which all push to Accelo to create a company + sales record. Following the instructions above you may have set the "Forms API access level" for the sales module to be "Challenge" so that a captcha is required and must be verified for the data to push through to Accelo.

Now say you are attending a tradeshow and need your salespeople to be able to quickly enter leads into 1 of these web-forms. It might make sense to disable the captcha for this form. So, if this form pushes to a specific type of sale in Accelo, we can also configure this type to allow the leads to be submitted from the web-form without being verified!

  1. Go to the Config page.
  2. Select a Sale Type from the left, and then click Edit from the button on the right.
  3. Select a "Forms API Access" level setting as required.
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