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Project Dashboard

Purpose of Project Dashboard 

The purpose of the Project Dashboard is to allow the Project Managers and Admin team to oversee all their concurrent or past Projects. Given the complexity and longevity of Projects, you always want to be on your toes and the Project Dashboard allows you to be.

You can also manage KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and report on this to alter your operations to be more efficient in the future.

Where is this data from?

The data in the Project Dashboard is populated via the Projects module. You can find the total list of Projects via the List Projects screen. This can be found by clicking the Modules button on the top left and selecting Projects


How do I get to my Project Dashboard?

To navigate to your Project Dashboard, hover over the Dashboard icon in the top menu and click on Project Dashboard. Depending on your user permissions set by your Administrator, you may or may not have access to this dashboard.

Project Dashboard 3

When on the Company Dashboard screen, you will find four sections to help better understand the current projects in your deployment.

You easily filter out stats on either Billable, Non-Billable, or both Billable & Non-Billable projects by toggling between the available options from the drop-down at the top of the dashboard.

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Project Work

Project Work 3

View the following high-level stats to keep track of how much work is being done on your projects:

    • Work in Progress - total budgets for all projects that have an active standing status.

    • Work done today - total of everyone’s time logged for the whole day. NOTE: The calculation for the week begins on Monday and ends Sunday.

    • Billable work this week - the percentage of the work done this current week (Monday - Sunday) that is billable and its hours equivalent.

    • Unapproved work - takes you to a list of projects that have time logged that has not yet been approved.

    • Approved uninvoiced - takes you to a list of projects that have approved time, but haven’t been invoiced for that approved time yet.

      • This number will also include time logged against projects that are attached to retainers if they meet your filter requirements at the top of the dashboard.

Project Scorecard

Get a quick view of project details and the state of each project. Hovering over Usage, Due, and Activity provides more details on budgeting, overdue, and stale activities are in each project.

Project Scorecard 1

You can filter your Project Scorecard by type and also the Project Manager assigned for a more focused view. Take a look at the below items for details on the color guide for each metric on the Project Scorecard:

    • Usage:

      • Red - already over budget

      • Yellow - forecasted to go over budget, but not yet over budget

      • Green - on track to stay within budget

    • Due:

      • Green - On track to complete the project by the due dates

      • Yellow - Predicted to be overdue

      • Red - Everything is overdue

    • Activity:

      • Green - Activities have been logged recently (within the last 3 days) on the project

      • Yellow - No activities have been logged on the project within the last 3 days

      • Red - No activities have been logged on the project within the last 7 days

Project Value

On a monthly basis, view project value, project hours worked, and number of projects within your Created, Commenced, Due, and Completed stages.

Project Value 2


Analyze project performance by Project Manager, Company or Type to see how on budget and on time your projects are tracking.

Performance 4

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