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JIRA Cloud Setup

Set up your JIRA Cloud instance with your Accelo deployment.

Using this guide, you can:


JIRA Integration

Set up and connect your JIRA instance to your Accelo instance to have a worklogs be created as Activities within Accelo. While JIRA could be used for tracking your development work, Accelo can be used to track communications, manage your budget, and admin work including billing.

Our JIRA Integration offers -

  • The ability to link JIRA Issues to Accelo Projects/Milestones, Tickets, Retainers.

  • Automatic sync of JIRA comments as notes in Accelo

  • Automatic sync of Worklogs from JIRA as notes in Accelo - making it easier to get paid for the time your software engineers spend working on client issues or work!

  • Automatic pushing of notes from Accelo to JIRA as comments.


Connecting JIRA Cloud to Accelo Deployment

There are a few steps to get setup. This ultimately starts with having an individual that is both an Admin in JIRA and an Admin in Accelo.

  1. Hover over your User Icon at the top right and hit Integrations

  2. Click on the JIRA option on the left-hand-side.

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  3. Enter the JIRA Domain

  4. Click the Cloud Option

  5. Click the JIRA Add-on - which directs you to the JIRA Marketplace

  6. Install JIRA Add-on to Accelo.

  7. Once installed, come back into Accelo and click, Verify. Once the connection is confirmed, you’ll notice a new Custom Field created in JIRA.

  8. You’ll then be redirected to the “User Mapping”

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  9. You will then need to map JIRA Users to Accelo Users. For any users that are missing in Accelo that you wish to map for in JIRA, you can click on the +Create New User to quickly create and map an Accelo User.

  10. At this point, the JIRA admin will need to go to their settings page inside JIRA, and edit our custom field to show up on their tickets

  11. Each user will need to install the Chrome Extension, this is vital for their ability to link work objects in Accelo when creating a JIRA ticket.

  12. Lastly, make sure all Admin users understand their JIRA integrations.

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