Lesson 2: Ticket Basics of

When to use Tickets

Tickets help you deliver consistent and streamlined client service, easily. Open a Ticket for a quick place to start tracking your smaller billable work. Easily convert tickets from emails. Organize your tickets so everything is in one place. Automate tasks against a ticket to save time and ensure all work is completed on time.

Tickets allow you to complete work on a more agile scale than Projects.  While Projects are used for longer, multi-stage tasks to be completed by one or many members of your team, Tickets help you to quickly open, log, and bill for the short-term work you do.  

Utilize Tickets when it involves billable work that can be completed in one phase, such as:

  • A Consulting Session

  • Administering an Enhancement

  • Fixing a Bug

  • General Client Work

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Try it Yourself: Create a Ticket

If you've already set up your trial account, you can create a new ticket right now and start testing to see what a typical Ticket page looks like.

There are three ways to create new Tickets, making it easy to start and keep track of new work you are doing for clients.

Add a Ticket using the Create button:

  1. Click the Create button (Create button.png) in the Navigation Bar and choose Ticket.

  2. Fill out Ticket Details and choose a company to create the Ticket against.

  3. Click Create Ticket and you will be taken to the Ticket Page.

Add a Ticket from a Company page:

  1. From a Company View screen, click the +Add button (accelo.AddButton.png) and select New Ticket from the drop-down menu.

  2. Fill out Ticket Details.

  3. Click Create Ticket.

Convert an Activity to a Ticket:

  1. Navigate to the View Activity screen.
  2. On the right side of the screen, click the Convert button.
  3. In the dropdown, select the Ticket option.

    Convert activity 2

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Convert a Ticket

Never lose track of the work you do. Easily Convert a Ticket from any email you receive. Converting will allow you to maintain all of the correspondence, any attachments, and any of the time you have already spent working on the Ticket.

Learn more about Converting Activities, Requests, and Emails into Tickets.

Assigning Tickets

Assign Tickets to your team easily and efficiently to ensure that you find the right person to complete the job.

When creating a Ticket, choose an Assignee immediately to save yourself a step later.

Every time you open a Ticket you can Assign it to anyone on your team to make sure the right person is working on it.  If you you need to pass it off to another user, you can Re-Assign the ticket directly from the Ticket View page.

If your team wants to work from a Ticket Queue, you can choose to create a Ticket with None Assigned. Assign tickets in bulk from the List Ticket page, and easily filter a list of all your open Tickets to show only Unassigned.

Assign tickets to your team members that have availability using our resource allocation tool Team Scheduling, a Premium account feature.

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Anatomy of a Ticket

With your new ticket open in front of you, you can see all of the information you added earlier, separated in a two column format. On the left column you will find all Ticket Details, and on the right side you’ll find a description, ticket metrics, and ways to manage your ongoing work.  

Ticket pages help you track the current status of the ticket, all work your employees have completed on the ticket, any correspondence with the client, and any upcoming work to be done.

View Ticket

Across the top of the page you’ll find your Ticket Status so you can see easily where you are in the ticket process. Below the status you’ll find key metrics gathered throughout your Ticket process including the Ticket age, Last work done, Last company contact, and the Due date,so you can keep track of the work that is being done and whether you need to follow up with the client.

Monitor your Budget on the left side of the page to see how much time has been logged against the Ticket, and how much that time is worth.

Your ticket information is separated by tabs. Open this page at any time to quickly see your most recent work.

Just below the ticket name in the navigation bar, you will see easy ways to edit your ticket details, record your work on this sale through Activities, and invoice your client for the ticket once it is complete.

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