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View Invoice

Is your invoicing cycle out of control?

View your invoices to confirm that all information is accurate before billing. Keep track of the work you've billed for in the past, and follow payments made to the invoice.

Using this guide, you can: 


View Invoice Details

View your Invoices to see pertinent details, track what has been Invoiced, and send the invoice to a Client


Invoice Preview

View a preview of the Invoice as it will appear to your client to ensure that all information is accurate. Edit the look and feel of the Invoice, as well as the line items on it, by Editing the Invoice.


Invoice Items

View a simplified version of the Invoice, including all line items and billing totals.




Quickly see the most recent activities recorded against the Invoice, including any correspondence with the Client regarding the Invoice and their payment.


Invoice Details

On the left side of the screen, view all of the details of the Invoice, such as important dates and notes.


Other Features

+Add Activity (Note, Meeting, Email, Call, Postal)

Click +Add New Activity to add an activity about this Invoice. Learn more about Adding an Activity.


Record a Payment that has been made on the Invoice, or Pay Online for the Invoice on behalf of your Client.



Send this Invoice to your Client when it's ready! You can choose to send this as a PDF, or send it in an Activity.

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