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Configure Country & States

Manage your default country, or add a Country and/or State for your client addresses, ensuring the accuracy of your company database, and saving your team time by not needing to enter the country each time you add a contact.

Using this guide, you can: 

  • Change your Default Country

  • Add & Delete Country options for your addresses

  • Add States to a Country for your addresses



Your Accelo account comes pre-programmed with the most commonly used Countries & States. When choosing a country/state for a Company and/or Contact street address, you may not see your client’s country or state from the multi-list drop-down menu.

Add countries and states easily via Countries & States page to appear as a multi-option for your client’s street address. 

To edit Countries & States:

  1. Click on the Modules Button and choose Configuration.
  2. Choose General Config from the configuration menu and Countries & States.

Some features on this page:

  • Click the State Record Number or the or by clicking the Country Name to see which States/Regions have been loaded for each country.

  • Company & Contact columns provide a count of the number of records using those countries. Click the number to view the full list of companies or contacts.

  • Edit existing countries by clicking Edit Country button.

    Add Country 2


Change your Default Country

Change your default country to change how your address appears in your Accelo account. Your default country is marked by a green tick next to the country name.

To Change your Default Country:

  1. Click the Edit Country button next to your desired default country name

    Edit Country 3

  2. Change the Default option to be Yes and click Save.

    Edit Country US

Add & Delete Countries

Add Country 3
To Add a new country to the list:

  1. Click the +Add Country button under the View Countries heading.

  2. Choose the name from the drop-down list. Confirm the Domain Suffix if necessary, and whether states are required for this country.

  3. Define the term used to describe the state for this country under State name (i.e. - State, Province, District, etc)

  4. If Postcodes are required, check this box.

  5. Enter the term used to describe a postcode for this country under Postcode name.

  6. Leave the Auto add States option as “Yes” if you wish this process to automatically add the available states.

  7. Default option means this country will be the default whenever a new address is being created. Please note - only one default country can be set for your account.

  8. Click Save to complete adding the new country

To delete a country from your the list:

  1. Click the Edit Country trash icon next to the country name. 

  2. Click OK to confirm you want to delete this record.

Why don't I see the Delete icon?

You cannot delete a country once it’s being used by one of your companies or contacts. If you do not have anyone using the country name, then you will need to delete each state.  You can only delete countries once all of the States have been deleted. 



Clickable country titles means it has states available, and you can click the name to review the states. If country name is not a clickable link, then states are not required or they have been disabled.

To see if it is possible to configure states for the country:

  1. Edit the country by clicking the Edit icon next to the country name.

  2. If you require states, tick the box next to Do you require state/province/county to be filled in when completing addresses for this country.

  3. If you require states, the last option on the form allows you to let the system automatically add the states for this country.

  4. If no states are available, then once you save the page and return to the View Countries screen, you will see that the States column says “0 records”.

Add State

To add a state against a country:

  1. Click the Add State icon, next to the country name.

  2. Enter a name for the state, the abbreviation (such as NSW) and choose a timezone from the available list.

  3. Click Save to complete the addition of the state.

Once added you may edit the state to update the details, or delete it provided it isn’t in use by any companies or contacts.

Reorder State List

You can re-order how your States are listed when adding client street addresses to further help your team save time by putting the most frequently used States first.

To Reorder a Country’s state list:

  1. Click the country name to see the State List view.

  2. Click the Edit State icon next to each State name.

  3. On the Ordering drop down menu, choose the State which for this option to appear under.

  4. Click Save, and this State will now be ordered underneath your Ordering option


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