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Capsule sales Import

Import Capsule Data

If you have any data lingering around in Capsule sales, Accelo allows you to simply export the data straight into your deployment. Currently, we only import the data from people, organizations (and their history), opportunities (also their histories) and tasks.

To import your Capsule data:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page.

  2. Choose Imports & Exports → Imports.

  3. Choose Capsule tile.

  4. Map the users from Capsule sales with the users in Accelo. For example, if in Capsule my username is Jmccl then ensure that it matches in Accelo.

  5. Click the save icon.


How does the import work?

The import works by requesting an import by using the endpoint and an API token. The endpoint is your domain name whilst using Capsule. Eg, The API token is the specific key to your domain. We need both to finalise the integration.

To get your API Token head to Capsule sales, go to preferences then click the link to API Authentication Token. 

What's being imported?

The Capsule import process will import the following information:

  • Client Names
  • Contact Names
  • Sales Names
  • Date Created
  • Date Due (Sales)
  • Value (Sales)
  • Rating (Sales)
  • Progress % (Sales)
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Address
  • Contact Email Address
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