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View a Project

Get access to all of the important details surrounding your projects.  These details include everything from profitability reports and budget forecasting, to Gantt chart scheduling and client sign-off requests, and everything in between to help you manage all of your Project needs. 

Using this guide, you can view the:

  • Overview: See the big picture of what's happening within your project (Milestones & Tasks)
  • Schedule: View the expected delivery timeline
  • Insights: Get a deep dive into the engagement, budget, profitability, work done and work remaining
  • Stream: Find all related activities
  • Attachments: Upload and share documents internal or with clients 
  • Expenses: Track expenses like printing and travel
  • Invoices: Invoice customers for the work you've done, whether it's fixed-priced or time & materials
  • Sign-offs: Get your client's approval on project-related documents 
  • Linked Assets: Connect object related to a project such as a server or billboard
  • Details: Includes custom fields and financial information
  • Other features


View Project

The Project View screen gives you a helicopter view of the Project Plan. You can get a quick overview of all the different line items within your Project Plan with a quick deep-dive of the progress of all work logged across Milestone and Tasks. 

Listed across the center of the screen are several sections and tabs containing information to help you manage your Projects.

job view


Project Details Section

On the left hand side of viewing a Project, you'll find information such as the Owner, Type, Team, Earned Value, Progress and any other Custom Profile fields you have configured. 

  • Owner: This is the main internal User managing the entire Project Life Cycle.

Project Owner

  • Team: These are all the internal and external stakeholders involved. 


  • Earned Value: Based on the budget, this is the value of billable work currently logged against this project.


  • Progress: Based on Tasks time budget and currently logged work, this is the how far we've come to completion.


  • Schedule: You can track how far along you are relative to your planned scheduled dates.


  • Important Dates: These are the key dates for this given Project. 

important dates

  • Skills: For each Project, you can track the necessary skills required for completion.


  • Tags: You can specify specific tags per Project for filtering purposes.


  • Additional Details: This is meant for your Custom Fields for each Project Type or Unified Custom Profile Fields.
  • Email Alias: This is an email alias to cc or bcc to make sure communications go under the correct Project Stream if sent outside of Accelo.

Project Plan Overview

While planning a project can be exciting, executing on that plan is often a challenge. The Project Plan arms the Owners with the information a professional business needs to stay on top of delivering excellent work. Keep your eye on the active status, real-time budget allocations, rollup on milestones and tasks, and expected due dates that auto update based on the previous work you are waiting on and how much there is to do in the future. 

Clicking on the blue hyper-link in the milestone or task will bring you to a real-time activity stream and general details for that area of the project, so that you can find the story behind the project. 

job overview

  1. Status: Through this drop down, you can filter by what Status each line item is in.
  2. Manager / Assignee: You can filter to see only milestones and tasks for the User chosen.
  3. Edit Plan: Quick link to the Project Planning tool. 
  4. Add Task: You can add a task that was not originally planned. 
  5. Project Plan: You can view the current Project Plan (Milestones & Tasks)
  6. Metrics: You can understand each line item by Task 
  7. Usage / Budget: Presents a breakdown of the line's time budget, and its current usage
  8. Start & Due Dates: You can see the several aspects of your project's Start and Due Dates which Accelo tracks, including the Planned, Target and Actual Dates.  Learn more about Accelo's Dynamic Scheduling model.
  9. Actions: You can quickly start adding an Activity, Logging time or Splitting A Task.



Track your project's progress visually, and ensure that you're never surprised by your project's progress with the Schedule's Gantt chart.  

job schedule

The Gantt includes a breakdown of the Planned, Predicted, Target and Actual Dates for each Task and Milestone, as well as an indication of the work's overall timeline:

  • Solid Black Line: Planned Dates 
  • Dotted Line: Predicted Dates 
  • Dotted Outline: Target Dates
  • Solid Outline: Actual Dates

The Gantt also uses color coding to identify whether these dates are behind or ahead of schedule:

  • Green: Ahead of Schedule
  • Orange: Expected to Complete Behind Schedule
  • Red: Actively Behind Schedule


Project Insights

You can find all your Project Insights within this tab. There are a few different "cards".  


  • Activities vs. Hours: You can track engagement over time based on Activities and how long you spent on them.
  • Value: You can track the earned value based on billable amount of work done. You can also track the forecasted value if you are/were billing by the hour.
  • Financials: You can track how close you are to your budget. 
  • Profitability: You can track current profitability based on work done and forecasted profitability. 
  • Work: You can get a quick snapshot of the current work in progress, the work done, and the forecasted work remaining. 
  • Work Done: Based on the work done, you can track this by individual staff member. 
  • Budget: You can track if each team member is on budget for their assigned amounts.



Quickly see the most recent activities recorded against the Project, including any relevant emails, phone calls, and internal notes to help your team keep track of progress.



Work internally or with clients on files related to the Project. Accelo allows manual uploads as well as integrations with popular file storage solutions like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Learn more about Attachments.



Submit and view all Expenses related to the Project. To quickly create an expense, click the Create Expense button. You will be redirected to a new page where you can add expense details, cost, and whether this expense is reimbursable and added to your project costs. 

accelo.project expenses



See all Invoices and Purchases  created for this Project in one place. If you need to add an invoice or purchase, do so quickly by clicking Create and choosing Create an Invoice from the menu bar.


Signoffs (PREMIUM)

Send attachments/designs/proposals to clients and get them to “sign off” before completing work. See any previously sent Signoffs, or create one quickly by choosing +Create Signoff. This will redirect you to a new screen where you can complete the Signoff Process.  



Linked Assets

See all assets linked with the Project. To quickly add a Link to an asset, click the Add Link button. A pop-up window will appear where you can search from any Assets you have added to your account, and click Create Link.



You can view all the different details for your Project here. This includes Custom Fields and Unified Custom Fields. 


Other Features

+Add New Activity (Note, Meeting, Email, Call, Postal)

Click +Add New Activity to add an activity about this Company. Fill out details, such as Billable vs Non-billable for invoicing purposes.

accelo.project add activity

Assign Work 

The More > Assign Work option is an advanced feature which allows you to swiftly assign out work to individuals that are directly responsible for the completion of that given task. This also allows you to easily manage Statuses and Dates per line item.

Manage & Approve Time (PREMIUM) 

The More > Approve Work option is another advanced feature which allows you to view all work completed and easily drag and drop logged unapproved activities to the Approved Activities section. This saves you a time from individually approving every activity.

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