Keep track of the Tasks you and your Team are working on, including their Status and the work that has been done against them.


View your Tasks List

Click on the Modules button on the top left of the screen.

Screenshot 2016 08 11 13 11 28 

Click on Tasks to view a list of all Tasks within Accelo. 

Screenshot 2016 08 11 13 13 43 Tasks
This will bring up a list of all Tasks within Accelo, which you can sort and filter as needed.

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  1. Search for a particular Task.
  2. View All Tasks.
  3. Choose how to sort the Tasks, whether alphabetically, by Status, or by the Date Created.
  4. Filter the Tasks by your Saved Filters.
  5. View the other Modules.
  6. The Task Title.
  7. The Task Parent Object, such as the Project or Ticket it was created against.
  8. The Task Assignee.
  9. The amount of Time Logged against the Task.
  10. The Task Status.

View Task Details

Click on a Task to view more details of the Task.

Screenshot 2016 08 11 13 19 06

  1. Log Time against the Task through a Note.
  2. The Task Title.
  3. The Task Status.
  4. The amount of Time Budgeted.
  5. The amount of Time Logged.
  6. The amount of Time Remaining.
  7. The Percentage of Budget used.
  8. Create an Activity against the Task.
  9. The Task Details, including the Status, Due Date, Start Date, and Assignee.
  10. All Activities logged against the Project.
  11. Create a new item against the Project, such as an Activity, Task, or Ticket.
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