Google Contact Sync


You can sync contacts between your Google Contacts list and Accelo in a few ways:

  • Imported contacts will stay in sync
  • Contacts you create in Accelo can be automatically synced to Google
  • Contacts that others have created in Accelo can be pushed to your address book
  • Manually sync a contact with your address book
The sync also works the other way - if you edit a contact from Google, the change will pull in to Accelo.

Note that contacts added to your Google Contact list (even if you put them in the Accelo group) will not be automatically pulled into Accelo. You must create the contact in Accelo or use the Accelo contact import process once we have detected new contacts. 

Enable Contact & Address Syncing

Before using the features outlined below, ensure that you have turned on the option to Sync changes for contacts imported from Google or manually pushed to Google (the first setting in the image below) under your Google configuration options from your Integrations page.

This setting may be enabled by default if you installed Accelo via the G Suite marketplace.

There are several more contact sync preferences, explained below:

Push & Sync contacts created/edited in Accelo to Google

If you create a contact in Accelo, it will automatically push to your Google Contacts list and stay in sync. If the contact already existed (same first name, surname and email), then Accelo will update the Google contact with any fields you entered from Accelo AND keep in sync with that contact.

Example: If you left the "Fax" field blank in Accelo and the contact already had the Fax number set in Google, then that field will be out of sync until the next change is made - since we don't want to overwrite a filled-in field with a blank one! But if you were to enter the Fax in Accelo, it would overwrite the Fax on the Google contact.

Auto Import email history for new contacts

This options allows Accelo to scan your inbox and sent items for emails to/from newly created contacts. The emails are captured into Accelo and stored against the company/contact record. Note this scanning will only occur for your email address, not for your entire deployment.

Auto-create contacts from captured email if domain matches existing company in Accelo

This allows Accelo to automatically create a new contact if, during the email capture processing, Accelo recognizes the sender's email domain - that is, if there is ONE company in Accelo with contacts that have the same domain in their email address.

Note that you must have email capture configured for this to work.

Contact Import Preferences

Select whether Accelo should automatically import new contacts from your Google Contact list; should detect new contacts and notify you to process them through a wizard; never import new contacts from Google.

Auto-sync contacts with other users (G Suite only)

You can choose to automatically sync contacts that you create in Accelo with other users - effectively sharing a new contact with their Google Contacts list as well! If one of those users makes a change, the change will be pulled up to Accelo and automatically pushed to each users' Google Contact list.

Known Issues

1. Deleting a contact address from Accelo won't delete the address in Google.

2. If you change the company name for a synced contact in Google Contacts, this change will be ignored! You should update the company name in Accelo, and then this change will be pushed down for any synced contacts on that company.

3. Accelo has a Street1 and Street2 field, while Google only offers a Street field. Therefore, all "Street" information from Google is imported to "Street1" in Accelo.

Address Field Mappings

Accelo Field Google Contact Field
Title Title
Street1 Street
Street2 PO Box
City City
(none) Neighborhood
State State/Province
Postcode Zip/Postal Code
Country Country/Region


Finding contacts that have been synced in Google

Contacts are only added to the Accelo group in your Google Contacts the first time a change is pushed from Accelo to Google. So although you may have imported many contacts from Google (which are considered to be "in sync") only those you have edited in Accelo will appear in the Accelo group. 

You can confirm by checking your contact groups in Google.

Note - manually adding contacts to the Accelo group will not send/sync the contact to Accelo.

Deleting or Changing Contacts

If you delete a contact from your Google Contacts list, the synced contact in Accelo will not be deleted. However if you delete an address from Google, it will sync through.

We automatically add two contacts to your Address Book for quick reference. These are:

Name: Accelo Add
Email: [email protected][your-domain]

Name: Accelo Log
Email: [email protected][your-domain]

The [email protected] email address allows you to quickly add an email from a contact not yet in Accelo to your deployment. And the [email protected] email will manually log that email address in your deployment (this is only to be used if you haven't configured email capture).

Comments on address syncing
  • If you want to delete an address, we recommend removing the address in Google - this will automatically remove the address from the contact in Accelo.
  • If you delete an address in Accelo and then trigger an update in Google (name change, update alternative address, change contact details), it will push through all the contact information to Accelo (including the deleted address).
  • Addresses are matched on their title/label. This means that if you change the title/label of the address (in Google or Accelo), it will look like a new address, causing it to be synced as a new address.
  • If you are editing the address in Google, please use the "Details" button (three dots next to the address box) to ensure the changes are correctly synced into the distinct fields - rather than all pushed into the "Street1" field.

 Manually sync a contact with my Address book

After creating a new contact, you can click the "Send to Address book" button. This button appears on the Contacts section on the View Company screen as well as on the View Contact screen.

The contact will be pushed to your Google Contacts list and will be automatically added to the Accelo group.

NOTE: In order to manually sync a contact, you must ensure the Sync changes for contacts imported from Google or manually push to Google option is toggled On. You can find this option by navigating to your User Profile Icon > Integrations, then clicking on the Google tab. This option is the first in the Contact Sync section.

Google Contact Sync 2

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