Upload a File Action

Customize your progressions to prompt a tech to upload screenshots when starting a ticket, or a user to upload scope of work docs and client agreements when starting a project by adding Upload File action to your status change.

This powerful tool is only available for Premium users as part of the Business Progression & Fields.

Prompt your user to upload a file - it might be an image, spreadsheet, PDF or other related document.

To create an Upload File action:

  1. Find the progression you want to add an Upload FIle action for, and then select this option from the drop-down list on the right-hand side.

  2. The Create Progression Action Field screen will appear.

Screen Shot 2015 11 02 at 12.43.42 PM

You can then configure the default values for the file, such as:

Screen Shot 2015 11 02 at 12.48.31 PM

  • Object - for changing the object type (advanced) - in most cases leave default.

  • Title - Describe the file upload that is expected. - eg. “Upload Training Doc”

  • File Path - The default location for any files that are uploaded from this progression is the issue root folder. So if left blank, your document would be in CompanyName/Issues/Current Issue/ - to have them upload to a subfolder by default, you can specify the name of the subfolder - eg. CompanyName/Issues/Current Issue/SubfolderA

  • Public Visibility - Only applies to systems with an integrated Client Portal. Whether or not the File can be viewable by your Clients.

  • Required - If selected, the user cannot proceed until a file is selected.

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