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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

What are the initial General Settings?

The General Configuration panel for Accelo is for making system-wide changes. 

To access the this panel, click on the Configuration link in the Module Menu.

To view the options, you must be an Admin user.

Note that the Accounts module has a separate configuration screen available via the Administration screen.

General Configuration

Company Name

Updating your company name will reflect in the following places:

  • Invoices you send from Accelo, under the From section.
  • In the Client Portal (Extranet) login screen.
  • Any error reports that are submitted to the Accelo team.


This will change the website that is included in the signature for all staff emails from Accelo.

Date Format

When signing up to Accelo, an administrator selected the default date format. This option allows you to change the date format used across the entire system. Note that some areas (or activity feeds) in Accelo use abbreviations such as "23 Jan" which will not change.


If a user does not have their timezone set, it will default to use the system time. This field allows you to adjust the system timezone.


This option allows you to change the currency symbol displayed in Accelo - which is set to dollar ($) by default. This is only a visual setting, and will not change the currency being used by an integrated accounting system.

Business Number Title

This field allows you to configure the name of your business number field, which precedes the actual number/code. E.g. an Australian business may want their invoices to include the following information:

ABN: 381 940 482

A US business, however, may not use an "ABN", but some other business number code. Therefore, this field is where you set "ABN" to be something else.

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