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Save time by reducing double data entry and your staff will spend less time switching between Accelo and Salesforce to find the most up-to-date records. The synchronization of contact information optimizes the power of SalesForce's sales pipeline and Accelo's budgeting and resource management to drive your business to full automation.

Using this guide, you can:


  • SalesForce API access - API Access is provided in Enterprise+ tiers by default, and can be requested from SalesForce support

How does the SalesForce two-way synchronization work?

Your two-way sync will pull over your SalesForce data into Accelo, and keep any changes to these existing records in sync. You also have the option to limit to a read-only sync - meaning Accelo pulls changes from Salesforce but does not push changes you make within Accelo back to SalesForce . Configure this option once you've connected.

Connect SalesForce to Accelo

Connect to SalesForce to get started. After you've connected to SalesForce , you can then import your data into Accelo. Accelo will then automatically keep your companies and contacts in Sync - plus you have the option of configuring Accelo to only pull changes from SalesForce (so changes in Accelo are not pushed to SalesForce ).

In order to import or sync your SalesForce data with Accelo, your administrator user must connect to SalesForce from their Integrations screen.

To connect SalesForce to Accelo:

  1. Open the Integration page by clicking your User Profile Icon in the Navigation Bar and selecting Integrations.

  2. On the integrations page, navigate to the SalesForce tab and click the Connect button.

  3. If you are not yet logged in to your SalesForce , enter your username and password. After logging in, allow Accelo to access your SalesForce data. Click Allow to complete the connection.

  4. After successfully connecting your SalesForce account to Accelo, your Integrations screen to show that SalesForce has been connected.

Syncing your SalesForce and Accelo data

The SalesForce integration offers both one-way and two-way syncing between Accelo and SalesForce, importing new and updated information into Accelo only, or optionally pushing changes made in Accelo back into SalesForce.  To control whether the sync is performed one-way or two-way, simply update your Sync Option, found when connecting the integration.

On: The sync will be one-way, syncing information from SalesForce into Accelo.

salesforce options on

Off:The sync will be bi-directional, syncing information from SalesForce into Accelo, and from Accelo back into SalesForce

salesforce options off

The following data can be kept in sync:


  • Company name
  • Phone & Fax
  • Addresses (in order to push address to SalesForce , the address title must be 'Billing' or 'Shipping' for company, 'Mailing' or 'Other' for contact)
  • Website
  • Type & Industry (from SalesForce to Accelo only)

Account managers are not synced, as SalesForce only allows one manager, but Accelo allows for multiple account managers.


  • Contact name
  • Contact title/position
  • Phone, Fax and Mobile (Cell)
  • Email


Importing SalesForce Sales and Tickets

To import your Saleforce Sales and Tickets, you must first go through the integration steps above. Once done, navigate to your Import Data page in your Configurations page. You should now see a new option populate with the Sales Force icon pictures here.

Screen Shot 2017 03 22 at 2.20.17 PMClick on the icon, and you'll be taken through three steps to import all your Sales and Tickets.

  1. User Mapping - Because your users in SalesForce might not match your Accelo users, you need to map them accordingly so we know how to import the information into Accelo. So Sales or Tickets under SalesForce Staff A should be Mapped to Accelo Staff A or anyone else you define.
  2. Status Mapping - Both Accelo and SalesForce can hold a multitude of Statuses. Because of this, we'll need you to let us know what each status from SalesForce should translate to when importing them into Accelo. We encourage you to keep in mind any Status & Progression actions you have built out in Accelo when mapping this.
  3. Confirmation - Upon clicking Start Import on the previous page, you'll be taken to the Confirmation page. You will then receive an email once your import is complete as the data gets pulled into Accelo.
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