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See Your Team's Availability

View your team's schedule to see who is available to work on open Tasks. View specific users' schedules, view a group's schedule, or sort users by the skills required to complete the work.

Using this guide, you can:


Sort Users' Schedules

Sort users on the right side of Team Scheduling to add users. Once you find the right users, sort their schedule on a weekly basis or a monthly basis.  

Add Users to the Schedule List:

Sort your users by individual users, Access Level, User Groups, Skills, or User Lists using Filters. Once you choose their name, see their schedule listed below. 

To search for a user by name:

  1. Enter the user's Name into the search bar and select the user. That user's schedule will be listed below.

Search to add user 

To sort users by Access Level, User Groups, or Skills: 

  1. Click the Edit button at the top of the list. 

    Search to add user2
  2. Filter the list of work to be done. The following example shows the filters for Tasks:

    Team Schedule 
  3. Your filter options include:

    • Access Level: The level of access the users have in the Accelo system (Admin or Professional).

    • Groups: The group the users are in, such as Sales or Support. Easily compare the schedules of all the users in a particular group to find the best assignee.

    • SkillsThe skills that the users have. Use this if the task requires a particular skill set.

    • Status: Whether the user is Active or Inactive. By default your list will only show Active. Include recent Inactive users to reassign their work to other Active users.

    • Manager: The manager for the user. Easily sort by only the users you manage.

    • Division: The division the users are assigned. Use different divisions for different billing rates associated with Clients. This is available for Premium users only.

Sort your Team's Calendar View

After you choose the right users, view those users' daily or weekly schedules. Select either Days or Weeks at the top of the list. Use the arrows to scroll through particular date spans.

The weekly view provides a breakdown of what work has been allocated by day.


The monthly view provides a breakdown of what work has been allocated by week.

Weekly View


Read Users' Schedules

See an overview of who is busy and who isn't, so you can find the right user to assign your work. 

After adding the right users, see their schedules listed below. Each user's schedule will have flood bars on each day/week showing how many hours they are scheduled

To see what work has been assigned on a particular day/week, select the day/week from the schedule view. The right side of the screen will reveal the tasks they have been assigned for that day/week.


User Work Defined (What do the Colors mean?) 

The work for a user is broken into five different types:

  • Scheduled activities ("Yellow" entries): Meetings in the schedule booked with clients. Create meetings from within Accelo and see them listed. If the account is integrated with Google, Outlook or Office 365, you'll see scheduled meetings from your calendar.

  • External events (“Maroon” entries): If the account is connected to G Suite, Outlook or Office365 you'll be able to see a list of external calendar entries from those platforms in the schedule. External appointments help you to see the full picture of what someone is working on. The details of these entries are only visible to that particular user, and are shown as "External Event" to all other users.

  • Committed work (“Dark Blue” entries): Reserved time in someone's day to work on a specific task. Users or managers can commit time to their schedule to work on a particular task, project, etc. These committed work entries will also automatically appear on their timesheet for easy time recording.

  • Auto-scheduled work (“Purple” entries): Auto-scheduled work appears as purple in the team schedule. Auto-scheduled work is the predicted amount of work that is upcoming for a Task over the course of a certain period of time.

  • Completed work ("Light Green" entries): Any work that the user has already logged for the day.

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