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Connect to G Suite


This guide is only necessary if your business is not using G Suite (Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Drive, etc.). If you are, your administrator should have already connected to Accelo via the G Suite Marketplace.

Using this guide, you can:

Connect Gmail to Accelo

Log in to your Google account (or your Gmail) and your Accelo account in the same browser; it's important use the same browser so that an authentication "handshake" process can occur.

  1. In Accelo, navigate to your integrations page by clicking on your username dropdown > Integrations; on the left side of this page, select the Google tab and click the Connect button located at the top right.

  2. A page will load which lists the Google services to which we are connecting. Click "Allow Access" from the bottom of the page.

  3. You should now be authenticated and will be able confirm this by viewing the Google integrations tab; a green bar with the text "Connected" should appear across the top of the page. By default, most of the settings will be OFF; continue through this help section read about most of these options.

Connect G Suite to Accelo

To link your existing Accelo account to your G Suite you'll have to add Accelo from the G Suite Marketplace.

  1. On the Accelo entry in the G Suite marketplace, click the Add it Now button.

  2. Follow the steps in the wizard and you'll eventually end up on a page at

  3. Invite your colleagues (who are in G Suite but not your Accelo deployment) and you're done.

  4. Once you add this app, let us know over at and we’ll make sure it is integrated properly for your domain!

By connecting your G Suite account, you're able to take advantage of our Gmail Add-on as well as enhanced security with Google Single Sign-On.

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