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Module Permissions

Choose what clients see for each one of their Modules. Have full control over the details you share with your clients for all of your sales, projects, issues, retainers, or billing. 

Using this guide, you can:


Module Permissions

Configure your module permissions if you want clients to enable or disable permissions for a specific module. For instance, if you're happy to share everything related to Tickets with all of your clients, then you'd turn on all the full sharing permissions within the Ticket Module Permissions. If there happens to be a specific ticket which you don't want to share, you can override the module permissions with object-specific permissions.

To navigate to your Module Permissions:

  1. Click on the Modules button in the top left of Accelo and select Configuration.

  2. Expand the Client Portal section of the Configuration menu.


  3.  Click on the Module you wish to configure.


Quote Permissions

There are three permission settings for Quotes: 

  1. Allow portal users to view all Quotes for their Company
  2. Allow portal users to view only the Quotes where they are an observer or approver
  3. Do not show any Quotes in the client portal

Client Portal Quote Permissions


Request Permissions

There is only one permission setting for Requests: whether or not you would like your clients to be able to view their Requests.


Signoff Permissions

There is only one permission setting for Signoffs: whether or not you would like your clients to be able to view Signoffs you have sent them.


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