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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Configuring the PDF Layout

Ensure this invoice is presentable to your clients, start by taking a look at setting up a PDF Quote and also template it out to save time in the future. 

Using this guide, you can:


Get a PDF Invoice Template Overview

When you create a PDF Quote Template, you also have to build a template for how to present this information to the Client. Once you build the template out, creating Quotes for Clients will be a relatively simple and short process in the future. 

Below is a brief Example of a PDF Quote Template. You'll notice quite a few Merge Fields that will automatically populate based on the Sale the quote is being created against. These Merge Fields can be added almost anywhere into the invoice on the right side of the screen, allowing you to format the entire PDF to your specifications, saving you time in the future!

2017 12 06 19 17 14



The style influences the overall look and feel to your Quote. To start, you have five simple settings to choose based on your preferences. 

2017 12 06 19 22 36

  1. Theme: Choose the theme you'd like your quote to be in. This will affect the overall layout, borders, and color of your Quote.
  2. Header Style: Choose how you want your headers to look. These are the top left and top right spaces of your Quote. Note that you can drag the divider between the two to give yourself more space on the right or left on the PDF itself. 
  3. Heading Font: The font used for your Headers.
  4. Text Font: The font used for your main text/body.
  5. Theme Color: Choose different colors for each major header.


There are a few options to template the Services that will appear on the invoice.

2017 12 06 19 52 26

  1. Service Item Roll-up: Choose the level of roll-up for your services. This is handy in case you don't want the Client to see a breakdown of each Task for your Staff, but just the service they're purchasing. 
  2. Show milestone description: Choose to reveal your milestone description or not. 
  3. Show milestone rate: Choose to reveal your milestone billing rate.
  4. Show milestone hours: Choose to reveal the numbers of hours allocated to the milestone.
  5. Show milestone amount: Choose to reveal the value amount of the milestone (Rate x Hours)
  6. Show task description: Choose to reveal your task description or not. 
  7. Show task rate: Choose to reveal your task billing rate.
  8. Show task hours: Choose to reveal the numbers of hours allocated to the task.
  9. Show task amount: Show value of your Task (Rate x Hours). 


There are a few options to template the Materials that will appear on the invoice

2017 12 07 10 41 01


  1. Show Materials: Choose to show the quantity of Materials logged. 
  2. Show price: Show the price of each Material logged.
  3. Show quantity: Show the quantitative number for the Materials logged.
  4. Show amount: Show the value amount of for the Materials that were logged (Price x Quantity).


 We offer additional flexibility for your Taxes on our Quote templates with three options.

2017 12 07 10 57 38

  • Manual: Place in a fixed value for your Taxes to calculate to. 
  • Calculated: This is the default. Your tax will be calculated by your Service and Material selections in the Quote. 
  • Rate %: Place in a fixed % to be calculated for your Services and Materials.

File Name

When this type of invoice is created, you can choose to use the general File Name for each Quote

2017 12 07 10 46 34

  1. File Name: You can choose the name of the File Name. 


Merge Fields

Use the Merge Fields to insert specific information about your company, the client's company, or the quote itself into the the body of your templates. These will be automatically filled in for each quote you make. Learn more about the Merge Fields.

2017 12 07 11 38 12

Click on the Merge Field to copy it to your clipboard so you can easily paste it into the invoice PDF template.

Add Page Breaks

To help better organize your quote templates, Accelo allows you to easily insert page breaks after the following sections of your quote PDF:

  • Header
  • Introduction
  • Services table
  • Materials table
  • Subtotal table

To add a page break:

  1. On the Edit Quote PDF Template screen, hover over the quote template on the right side of the page.
  2. On sections where a page break can be added, an + Page Break button will appear. Click this button to insert a page break.

    Add Page Break
  3. To remove a page break, simply click the Remove Break button.

    Remove Break
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