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Create & Edit Templates

Create and Edit Purchase Templates to minimize valuable admin time when tracking Purchases for expenses. It is important to note that a lot of these settings will be consistent across different modules. 

Using this guide, you can understand each part of an Invoice Template:

Title, Term & Field Defaults

The first step in creating an Purchase Template is managing the overall details. Below is an image for a template with the title of "Your Quick Test Template". 

2017 08 24 07 46 17

  1. Template Title: The internal name of your Purchase Template.

  2. Payment Terms: How long after the creation date is your payment due.

  3. Show Advanced Settings by Default: When you're creating your Purchase, you can show/hide the settings for your Purchase Date, Payment Due Date, Owner, Internal Notes, and Vendor notes. Since these details are can be automatically determined by the template, it's sometimes convenient to hide them for less "noise" when creating a Purchase.

  4. Create Purchase PDF by default: Sometimes a PDF isn't necessary. This lets you choose whether or not to have Accelo generate one by default.

  5. Purchase Title:  This will be the actual default name of your Purchase.

  6. Purchase Owner: This is to set a Default for who owns the Invoice. It can be set to be the Invoice Creator, the Manager of the Work, or Specific User Defined. You can also specify a User to fall back to (in case there is no Manager, etc.).

  7. Default Vendor:  This will be the default Vendor you're making your Purchase against. Usually the one you'll be making the most purchases from for this type of template.

  8. Default Contact: This will be the default contact you're making your Purchase against. Usually the one you'll be making the most purchases from for this type of template.

  9. Default Internal Notes: Notes which will be internal facing on the Accelo side only.

  10. Default Vendor Notes: Notes which can appear on the Purchase.


Materials & Expenses

Within the Billable Objects you are invoicing for, you have two types of additional costs that might be passed onto the client Materials and Expenses. Through the purchase template, you can choose whether or not to include them on your purchases automatically.  

2017 08 24 08 04 00

  • Default Materials item code: You will be selecting the default item code for Materials added ad-hoc (ones that don't exist on your Material List). 

  • Add all unpurchased items by default: You can choose to include all expenses, and materials from the Project, Ticket, or Retainer Period you're making the Purchase for (that are not yet tied to a Purchase). 


Shipping Address Default

You can include your default shipping address (for the items you're purchasing from your vendor). This normally to track wherever you want your goods to be shipped to.

2017 08 24 08 16 48


Purchase Options

2017 08 24 08 19 56

Now that we're done with the smaller details of your purchases, it's time to define the message you'll send to your Vendors.The Email Template section of your Purchase Template allows you to define what information you'll be presenting the Vendor, the information you'll be defining internally, and the merge fields you'll be using.

  1. Email Subject: This is the email subject (or activity title) that will be placed on your automated email.

  2. Email Body: This is the body of the email which will automatically send out to your Vendors for your purchases, and for your Create & Send options when creating a Purchase. The rich text and html editing allows for more aesthetic creativity than what is allowed in regular activities sent from Accelo. 

  3. Merge Fields: These are the many available merge fields you'll be able to include in your body to auto-populate internal data points you defined in Accelo.

Once you have completed the template, click Save if you're done, or Preview & Edit PDF to customize the default template of your PDF. 

2017 08 24 08 26 49

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