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Task management slowing you down?

Increase your productivity by quickly assessing your team workload, easily assigning tasks, organizing your daily workload, and keeping track of progress for any task without a status meeting or sending an email.

Using this guide you can:


What Is A Task?

The heart of the Accelo scheduling system is tasks - units of work for users that have deadlines and an estimated amount of work attached to them. When combined with your team’s scheduled appointments and external calendar entries, tasks help you see a real-time picture of someone's schedule and help your managers more accurately track your team’s work.

Tasks are useful for managing small pieces of work related to a specific item, hence you'll find the Tasks box on a ticket, sale, company, or project stream. Keep track of what work you and your colleagues need to do on either their Schedule or Task Board

They are also important for prioritizing and scheduling - a task that has some time and a due date on it will appear on the assignee's schedule. 


Activities vs. Tasks

Task is work you have set for yourself or others to be done, or a "to-do" list. Tasks can be a reminder of something to do in the future, or a task to be completed for an ongoing project.

An Activity is work you have completed and correspondence you have shared with your clients.

Click here to learn more about Activities. 


Tasks and Scheduling

Tasks and schedules go hand-in-hand, as the most common items on your schedule should be tasks. Even Milestones (within a Project) use tasks to help your break the work into smaller pieces which you can spread over your schedule. Tasks are automatically shown on a users' schedule, and are created against an object to help you stay organized. The scheduling screen then allows you and your team to keep track of upcoming work.

Learn more about Schedules.

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