Lesson 1: Sales Basics of

When to start a Sale

Sales opportunities help you track your total sales efforts from first contact to final sign off. In Accelo we envision the Sales Process starting the moment you are ready to close new business.

Whether it’s a potential lead or a client you’ve been working with for years, you can Create a Sale easily and never lose track of where you are in the process. By storing all information related to your sale in one place, you can easily track your pipeline and forecast sales within your Accelo account.

Now you can stay on top of deals and win more sales by having all of your sales notes, appointments, emails, and attachments at your fingertips. Focus on your clients and let Accelo take care of the details.

In Accelo you can use the Sales module to:

Click Next to learn how to Create a Sale.

Try it Yourself: Create a new Sale

If you've already set up your trial account, you can create a new Sale right now and start testing to see what a typical Sale page looks like.

  1. There are three ways to create a new Sale:
    1. Log into Accelo, then hover over the +Add button
      in the navigation bar and choose Sale → 

    2. From the Company or Contact page, click the Add button 
      on the Client Menu bar and choose New Sale → 

    3. Convert an Activity into a Sale by viewing any Activity and clicking the More accelo.MoreButton.png button and selecting Convert to Sale → 
  2. Fill out Sale Details, a Salesperson, a starting status Progression, and any other relevant information for your client.
  3. Click Save and you will be taken to the Sale Page.

Click Next to see all the components of a Sale.

Anatomy of a Sale

With your new sale open in front of you, you can see all of the information you added earlier, separated in a two-column format. On the left column, you will find all Sale Details, and on the right side an Overview of your Sale.

Sales pages help you track the current status of each sales opportunity, your team’s sales correspondence with your client, and any upcoming work to be done on the sale.

Across the top of the page, you’ll find your
Sale Status so you can see easily where you are in the sales process. Below the status you’ll find key metrics gathered throughout your Sales process including your Sales Amount, Probability, and Sales Rating, so you can make the most of your resources and focus on whichever leads are the most valuable.

Your sale information is separated by tabs. Open this page at any time to quickly see most recent sales communication with your client on the Stream, Attachments you’ve uploaded to the Sale, and Tasks created for this Sale. Streamline all information for your Sale in one easy place so that everyone always knows exactly what’s going on.

Just below the sale name in the navigation bar, you will see easy ways to edit your sale details and record your work on this sale through Activities.

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