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Object-Specific Permissions

Have full control over the details you share with your clients on specific sales, projects, tickets, and retainers.

Using this guide, you can:


What are Object-Specific Permissions?

Customize what is displayed on the Client Portal on a per-object (Project/Sale/Invoice/etc) basis. The permissions themselves are much the same as you will find on the Module Permissions page, but the changes will only apply to the specific object you choose.


Configure Object-specific permissions

For example, you may have previously configured permissions for your Project Module under Configuration > Client Portal > Project permissions. Even if you have chosen to display a minimum amount of detail for activities, tasks, financials/budget and project fields, you can still choose to show more details for a specific project.

Let’s say you have just started a project with a client and need to make a lot of information available via their Client Portal, but only for this specific project.

To update the Client Portal permissions for a specific object (Project example):

  1. From the object's view screen, click the Portal button in the menu bar, and choose Permissions for this Project/Object.


  2. The next screen should inform you that access to this project is currently controlled by the defaults on the Projects module, but you can override these defaults by clicking the button Override default permissions with set.


  3. The default permission set will then load in, but you can now override these specifically for this project.

  4. Changes are automatically saved, but if you wish to remove the overriding permission and go back to the default permissions, just click the button at the bottom Remove object specific permission.

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