Exchange Contact Sync

Synchronize your team's address books & share updates to clients in real-time, allowing central access across your team, address book sync with colleagues and automatic email capture.

Using this guide, you can:

Enable Contact Sync

To enable contact syncing:

  1. Click your User Profile Icon on the Navigation bar and select Integrations option.

  2. Select Microsoft Exchange and scroll down.

  3. From the Contact Sync section, there is one main option, which allows Accelo to automatically push new or edited contacts to Exchange, and then keep them in sync.

Manually push Accelo contacts to Address Book

Another way to keep new contacts in sync between Accelo and your address book (such as Outlook) is to find the new contact in Accelo and use the Send to Address Book feature.

This will push the contact to your address book and ensure that any changes to the contact will be kept in sync.

This means if another user in Accelo updates that contact record, the change will push through to that contact in our address book.

Alternately, if you edit some details about that contact within your address book (provided it is a field that Accelo uses - such as the work phone or job title) then this change will be pulled into Accelo.

NOTE: Microsoft has only defined 3 titles for address: Home, Business & Other. As Accelo allows custom titles, when syncing your address remember to name them Home, Business or Other. If you don't then they won't sync.

Any Outlook contacts that you import via .csv into Accelo are not automatically synchronized. If you'd like to sync your contacts across both Accelo and Exchange/Outlook, import them using the Exchange contact import wizard in Accelo (rather than the .csv import).

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