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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Set Up Your Account to Fit Your Business

Accelo modules are powerful, flexible and highly configurable. Set up each module  so that Accelo fits your business like a glove.

Bring together your essential sales and Client database, Project Management, Service Tickets, Service Contracts & Retainers, and Team Scheduling. Organize your business processes in the way that makes sense to you.


Using the help guide, you can:

Access Your Modules

  • You can find the Module Bar by clicking the Modules button on the Navigation bar.

    accelo.Modules Bar gif 

Navigate Your Modules

Understand which Module within Accelo is used for each part of your business.  

Rename the Modules to your liking. The names of each module can be easily changed under Configuration Settings of each module. 


Common Uses


Cornerstone of your Accelo account.

Synchronized and intelligent sales database.


Track your business leads.

Automate your sales process, track key sales metrics, and convert quotes into projects.


Manage projects. Create project templates and schedule with Gantt charts.

Track budgets in real-time.  Forecast profit margins and monitor work completed.

Tickets / Issues

Keep track of time spent on small scale client work. 

Quickly task out work to be completed. Track work with intelligent reporting.


Manage service contracts with templates and notifications.

Auto-renew contracts and set up auto-billing.


Know your staff’s availability through our dynamic scheduling tool.

Allocate resources seamlessly. Assign out work to scale.


Email newsletters, updates, and other one-to-many campaigns.

Create direct marketing campaigns and instantly convert to a sale.

Billing & Invoices

Timesheet and invoicing integration allows everyone to work in one place.

Automatically turn billable hours into invoices.


Track all expenses on projects and tickets.

Instantly bill clients and/or reimburse business expenditures.


Additional Modules | Upgrade Your Accelo Plan

Get the benefits of customization with an Accelo Premium Account. Configure your business process and needs, and leverage the platform for the many benefits that it has to offer.  

To upgrade your subscription to a premium version:

  1. Navigate to Configuration General Config and select Manage Account.

  2. From your Admin Dashboard, you will see your current Plan. Click the link "Compare and Change Plans."  

  3. Select the plan you'd like to use.  

  4. The Accelo interface will then update to reflect the plan you've selected. The new billing scheme will take effect at the start of your next billing period.

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