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Set up your Account

First, in Accelo, we recommend setting up a few things in-advance to start utilizing our platform for your Client Work and Client Communication.

Using this guide, you can

Email & Calendar Integration

We strongly recommend integrating your Email and Calendar with Accelo. Accelo integrates with Microsoft (Exchange, 365) and Google services (Gmail, G-Suite). This is fairly simple to set up - simply hover over the User Icon on the top right hand side and hit Integrations. Please do confirm with your Admin and IT team for their approval before doing so.


This integration is incredibly beneficial when you want to quickly log time, see what the last correspondence with the client was, and specifically helpful when you have multiple individuals working on the same project. We find several of our clients see immediate financial benefits, because they started logging time for meetings and emails. In fact, if you’re not tracking time spent on client calls, emails or in meetings, you could be costing your company up to $1.6 million in annual revenue.


When you come into Accelo, you may want to get an immediate list of the specific piece of work or modules that you want to see - whether it be Sales, Projects, Tickets or Retainers

We recommend setting up different filters for specific modules in Accelo where you are the Owner or a Team member. That way this will now be visible and easily accessible at any times.


One thing our Users tell us is that they are receiving a lot of notifications for their work in Accelo. By default, all Users have all notifications on. We find that too many notifications often results in too much “noise” that distracts you from what you need.  

In combination with your preferences, we recommend setting up Labels or Filters in your external email integration to make sure they don’t cloud your main emails.

Mobile App

Working on the go is part and parcel of being in the service industry. That’s why it’s critical that you log billable time, especially when you’re out and about; traveling between meetings and visiting client sites. Accelo makes this easy with it’s Android and iOS app that lets you manage your timesheets, companies, and much more - all from the convenience of your smartphone.


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