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Microsoft Exchange

Incoming Email

Incoming emails need to be forwarded to specific capture addresses tied to each user account based on the Accelo address and the username of the Accelo user.

  • Example Accelo Domain:

  • Example Accelo Username: dan

  • Address to forward incoming email to: [email protected].

This is most easily configured by setting up a forwarding rule via the Exchange Management Shell to the Accelo capture account

This example delivers email to the mailbox of Dan Park and at the same time forwards all mail sent to Dan's Accelo capture account, [email protected]

Set-Mailbox -Identity "Dan Park" -ForwardingAddress "[email protected]" -DeliverToMailboxAndForward $true


Testing Incoming Email Capture

Testing the Incoming Email Capture process is best done with the help of someone outside your organization. If you can't convince one of your clients, suppliers or friends to help you, register for one of the free email accounts at places like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.

Once you've identified who is going to send you the test email - it is best to get them to send you one, just so you can be sure - make sure their exact email address is entered in as the email address of a Contact in Accelo.

Remember, the incoming email capture requires an exact match between the email address of the sender of the email, and the email address stored in Accelo.

Once you've got the address in Accelo, send yourself an email from your friend, or via your webmail account, and have a look at the Company or Contact view screen for this Contact. By looking at the activities tab at the bottom of the View screen, you should see - within about 3 minutes - a an activity from this external contact. Additionally, hitting on "To-Do" in the top taskbar of Accelo should show you an unactioned item on your to-do list from this contact.

If you've done all of this, and you're still having trouble, contact our support team via [email protected].


Outgoing Email

All outgoing email can be recorded automatically by BCCing users' messages to a special address.  This address will be the same for all users.


Create a new Transport Rule

Using the Exchange Administration Console:

  1. Navigate to Mail Flow -> Rules

  2. Click the Add+ button and choose the Create New Rule option from the list to create a blank rule

  3. Give this new rule a name, and choose the [Apply to all messages] condition

  4. Choose the BCC the message to Action, and enter your [email protected] in the Addresses field.

  5. Save


Testing Outgoing Email Capture

Testing the Outgoing Email Capture process is as easy as sending an email to a contact who's listed in Accelo.

Send an email, and then open their company or contact record in Accelo and check the Activity Stream for the message.

HTML Email Capture

When viewing captured emails in certain areas of your deployment, such as the Stream, Inbox or View Activity screen, you will be able to see them as they were intended to be seen: with all of the images, signatures, annotations and more natively inside of Accelo. This also includes emails with images inline, bulleted lists and emboldened keywords.

As emails with HTML components are captured in Accelo, they are sanitized for security and styling purposes. So if you find that certain HTML aspects aren't being captured as expected, this may be the result of the sanitization process.

If you notice that emails are not rendering correctly where HTML email capture is shown, please report the issue using the following link:

Also, to see past messages in the thread, simply click the Ellipses button near the bottom of the email message.

Ellipses Button 3NOTE: HTML Email Capture will not be shown on every screen where emails can be viewed in your deployment. Areas with limited space, such as the Daily and Weekly Timesheets, will show plain text emails.

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