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Close Period

Lock your Retainer Period to prevent any future allocations from being placed against it, helping to keep your recurring contract periods up to date.

Using this guide, you can:


Close Period

Generating an Invoice for a Period doesn't necessarily Close the Period from future allocations. This Closed status will lock the Period out, and prevent any future allocations from being placed against it.

Manually ensure that no more time is allocated or removed from this period.

There are two ways to close a period:

  • On the View Period screen, click Period from the taskbar, and choose Close Period. 

Screen Shot 2016 03 10 at 1.16.09 PM 

  • Return to the main Retainer page, and use the drop-down arrow next to the Period name to set it as Closed.  


Once closed, if the period has no allocations, you should be able to re-open it.

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