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Project Contributors

Want to take your projects to the next level?

Include all of your third party contacts who are involved in your client’s work, such as a lawyer or a consultant for a client, on their Accelo updates.

Using this guide, you can:

What are Contributors?

If you have any contacts or third party companies that have some stake or involvement with a job or a company, you can easily keep them in the loop by including them as Contributors. Many of our clients require a professional be kept updated, such as the use of a consultant, industry professional, or an attorney.

Contributors are any third party company or contact you want to be kept up to speed with the work for a certain project or issue on your account. For example, if you are working on a Project for Client A, and they indicate that they will be using a consultant from Client B to perform external auditing of your work, then you would potentially be liaising with this consultant at Client B on Client A’s Project. By creating a Contributor for Client B, you can show that a contact from Client A is contributing to a job for Client B.

To add this Contributor to emails and updates, you can either link that third party up-front as a Contributor, or by using Contributor Quick Add.


Add Contributors

To link a Contributor:

  1. When viewing a Project, click +Add in the Team portion of the Project Details section.

    Add a contributor 4 

  2. A pop-up window will appear.

    New team member 2

  3. Use the Search Bar to search your sales for Contacts to add as a Contributor.

  4. Select their Type, which you may have already set up.

  5. Add the contact Description, which is to keep track of their role as a Contributor for this module.

  6. Choose whether or not you want them to be Auto-CC’d on correspondence in the module.

  7. And lastly, hit Save, and they’ll be successfully added a contributor to the Project.

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