Sale Dashboard

Purpose of Sale Dashboard 

Your Sale Dashboard offers a convenient breakdown of your sales pipeline and income forecast, as well as a breakdown of each salesperson's individual performance.

Where is this data from?

The Sales Opportunities listed here arise from Sales under a given Client. You can find the total list of sales via the List Sales screen. This can be found by the module button on the top left and then hit, “Sales”. 

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How do I get to my Sales Dashboard?

To navigate to your Sale Dashboard, hover over the Dashboard icon in the top menu and click on Sale Dashboard. Depending on your user permissions set by your Administrator, you may or may not have access to this dashboard.

Sale Dashboard 3

There are three sections on this page that will provide further insight:

Pipeline Forecast:

The forecast uses the Pipeline Value (Value*Pipeline Weighting defined in your Sales Configuration) of each of your sales to determine potential close amount each month based on the Due Date of each sale. Clicking a month's bar graph will present a list of all sales which make up that month's numbers, so that you can update those overdue sales.

Pipeline Forecast 1


Sales Funnel

A breakdown of all of your active sales based on how far along they are through the overall sales process. That progress percentage is then used to determine how much of those sales' potential Value has been earned using the formula (Value*Progress %). Clicking one of the sections will direct you to a list of all relevant sales within that percentage bracket.

 Sales Funnel 1


View a breakdown of each salesperson's numbers, detailing the volume and value of Won, Lost, and Open sales for the chosen time period. Clicking one of these numbers presents a list of all those relevant sales. You can also analyze your sales performance against Company and Type of Sale in this view as well.

Sales Performance 2

  • Under the Performance section, you can also find the Win % for each Company, Salesperson (Staff), or Type of Sale. This is indicated in the first column under the check mark.

    This Win % can be any one of four calculations, which can be set by going to the Configuration gear, then to Sales, then Settings.

    Dashboards Win percentage

 The Percentage of all assigned Sales which were won is the default option.

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