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Secure connection with G Suite


 Easily access your Accelo account and increase your secure access by using Google's Single Sign-On or Google 2-Step verification

Using this help guide, you can:

Increase Security by requiring Single Sign-On

After integrating your Accelo account with Google, you’ll have a new Login With G Suite button.  Your staff can now use their G Suite credentials to log into Accelo.

You still have the option to login using your Accelo-specific username and password.

You can further improve your Accelo account's security by removing that option, so that users are only able to log in using their G Suite credentials.

To make Google Single Sign-On a requirement:

  1. Open the Integration page by clicking your User Profile Icon in the top right  and selecting Integrations.

    Accelo User Integrations

  2. If you are an administrator, there will be a Security section at the bottom of the options. By turning on this option, the login screen will only display the Google Single Sign-on option.

Increasing Security via Google 2-Step Verification

After your users have been restricted to logging in with only their G Suite account, you can further improve security by utilizing Google's 2-step verification. You can find more information on this process, including how to set it up in your Google domain, on Google's help site.

I use G Suite and Accelo but I don't see the option to require G Suite  Single Sign-On - why not?

In order to utilize G Suite Single Sign-On, Accelo must be added to G Suite via the G Suite Marketplace. The good news is that you can link your existing Accelo account to G Suite quickly and easily this way, too. 

  • On the Accelo entry in the G Suite marketplace, click the Install App button.

  • Follow the steps in the wizard and you'll eventually end up on a page at

  • Invite your colleagues (who are in G Suite but not your Accelo deployment) and you're done.

Once you've performed this step, the Security option on the integrations page should appear.

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