Secure connection with Google Apps

Easily access your Accelo account and increase your secure access by using Google's Single Sign-On or Google 2-Step verification

Using this help guide, you can:

  • Increase Security by requiring Single Sign-On

  • Setup secure login via Google 2-Step Verification

  • Setup Google Apps Single Sign-On

Increase Security by requiring Single Sign-On

After integrating your Accelo account with Google, you’ll have a new Login With Google Apps button.  Your staff can now use their Google Apps credentials to log into Accelo.

You still have the option to login using your Accelo-specific username and password.

You can further improve your Accelo account's security by removing that option, so that users are only able to log in using their Google Apps credentials.

To make Google Single Sign-On a requirement:

  1. Open the Integration page by clicking your User Profile Icon in the top right  and selecting Integrations.

    Accelo User Integrations

  2. If you are an administrator, there will be a Security section at the bottom of the options. By turning on this option, the login screen will only display the Google Single Sign-on option.

Increasing Security via Google 2-Step Verification

After your users have been restricted to logging in with only their Google Apps account, you can further improve security by utilizing Google's 2-step verification. You can find more information on this process, including how to set it up in your Google domain, on Google's help site.

I use Google Apps and Accelo but I don't see the option to require Google Apps Single Sign-On - why not?

In order to utilize Google Apps Single Sign-On, Accelo must be added to Google Apps via the Google Apps Marketplace. The good news is that you can link your existing Accelo account to Google Apps quickly and easily this way, too. 

  • On the Accelo entry in the Google Apps marketplace, click the Install App button.

  • Follow the steps in the wizard and you'll eventually end up on a page at

  • Invite your colleagues (who are in Google Apps but not your Accelo deployment) and you're done.

Once you've performed this step, the Security option on the integrations page should appear.

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