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Search or List Projects

Want to take your projects to the next level?

Having all of your Projects in one platform is great, but only if it's easy to find and work with. Find your Projects faster, easily search and filter information with power and ease, and user filters to save time.

Using this guide, you can:

Search or View a List of Projects

Run Searches across your Projects in order to:

  1. Find a specific project - Use the search bar on the Navigation Bar from any page. You can search across your entire account, or click the magnifying glass and select Projects from the drop-down.

    Screen Shot 2016 12 01 at 2.02.16 PM 

  2. Find a comprehensive list of all of your Projects - Click the Modules button and Projects on the Modules Bar. This will bring up a list of every Company on your account.

    Screen Shot 2016 12 01 at 2.03.23 PM

Refining your Results

Your business results and lists can be quite extensive. Please refer to our Filters & Bookmarks guide tips on refining your results.

Screen Shot 2016 12 01 at 2.11.23 PM

Export your Lists

Export the results into a spreadsheet in order to use comprehensive Project information to create reports. At the top left of your Project list, there will be an Export option.

Screen Shot 2016 12 01 at 2.12.39 PM 

  • Simple - Export your list of Projects and their associated data (budgets, profits, etc.)

  • Extended - Export your list of Projects with the data from the Simple export, along with the Custom Profile Fields of their parent Companies.


Adding Tasks from the List Screen

Not only do we summarize the vital data of your Projects on the Lists screen, but we've also made it easy to go through and create Tasks directly from the List screen. This way, as you scan down your list of projects and prioritize, you can quickly create a new Task without leaving the Project List screen.

This new option is bundled into the little menu arrow on the right-hand side of the list.

list createtask

When creating the Task, you're able to choose the Milestone to associate the Task with, and if there is a rate linked to that Milestone, the task will inherit the same billable rate. If there are no Milestones yet, no worries, the Task will sit at the Project level - which could be pretty handy if you're setting up some initial planning & scoping tasks for your internal crew.

Track Invoiced Service Budget

The Service budget is available as the fourth column in your list screen. Since the budget flood bar here is just the Service budget, the percentage invoiced figure is also limited to the invoiced services. However, it's worth noting that future enhancements to the Project module will allow for more flexible budgeting options - such a setting a Fixed Price that covers services, materials and expenses - so we'll adjust these list screen elements too in future.

list job inv

Log Time, Send Email and more quick menu options

On the right-hand side of each project row you'll find the Log Time and Add Activity buttons given prominence as a strong encouragement for tracking your time - whether as a quick work log or when composing an email, meeting or recording a phone call in the Create Activity window.

Additional shortcuts are available under the little arrow menu - which we've updated to include the new Add Task option, plus links to the Create Invoice and Assign Works screens.

job rhs menu

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