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Schedules (Premium)


Increase your productivity by maintaining your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Assign yourself tasks to complete today or in the future, integrate your external calendar, and easily change the assigned amount of time for each task. Use Team Scheduling to view everything that your team is working on, as well as assign work to users on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Note: This feature is available for Premium Licenses only.

Using this guide you can:


Schedules built from Tasks

Tasks and schedules go hand-in-hand, as the most common items on your schedule should be tasks. Even Milestones (within a Project) use tasks to help you break the work into smaller pieces which you can spread over your schedule. Tasks are automatically shown on a user's schedule, and are created against an object to help you stay organized. The scheduling screen then allows you and your team to keep track of upcoming work.

Learn more about Tasks.


Why can't I see my Tasks in My Schedule?

If you created a Task and don't see it in the Schedule, make sure you enter a Time Estimate. Your Tasks will not appear in your Schedule if they do not have an estimated time budget associated with them yet. 

Note: Time estimates can only be given to Tasks, not Milestones, so Milestones will not appear in your Schedule or Team Schedule.


My Schedule vs. Team Schedule

My Schedule: Keep track of all the work that you need to get done through My Schedule, and see your daily, weekly, and monthly assignments.

Team Schedule: Keep track of all the work that your team is doing through Team Scheduling, and delegate Tasks and time accordingly to your employees.

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