The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Account Configuration

  • Homepage
    Set your homepage unique to your Accelo account. Save time by pulling up your most relevant information for work immediately when you login.
  • Modules
    Customize your Accelo Modules to fit your company. Change the Module Titles to make them better suit your particular company's needs, or include ID #s.
  • Timezone, Currency & Date Formats
    Format the General Settings for your Accelo platform to make the specifications work for you. 
  • Divisions
    To give you the flexibility to work with clients with different details, rates and even different identities, use the feature called Divisions. Divisions is ideal if your business uses different brands under one business umbrella, or has a different set of rates you charge to certain clients, or perhaps you have a special VIP hotline phone number for one group of clients that you'd love to include in your signature.
  • Work Days & Holidays
    Choose how your work week is configured and scheduled easily through your admin or personal settings. Enter vacation dates for when you plan to be out of the office. Ensure that you are not scheduled for work you are unable to do because of scheduling conflicts.
  • Country & States
    Manage your default country, or add a Country and/or State for your client addresses, ensuring the accuracy of your company database, and saving your team time by not needing to enter the country each time you add a contact.
  • Configuring Password Rules
    Users utilize Accelo for a number of different reasons: creating projects, keeping track of sales, monitoring company information, etc. With these different functionalities comes the need to input a plethora of data, a good portion of which is likely confidential information. For this reason, Accelo users need to ensure that random individuals cannot simply access their accounts by guessing an easy password.
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