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Lesson 1: CRM Basics of

Build your CRM Database

Add your full customer database to Accelo and instantly take advantage of all the ways you can grow your business.  Take all your customer information no matter where it’s stored, and easily import your clients using Accelo Integrations or easy to use Import Tools

Easily customize your database to capture important information about your existing customers and prospects. Make faster and better-informed decisions by accessing the client-related information you care about in one place. 

Build deeper and more meaningful relationships with a streaming of your database interactions. Every time someone in your company interacts with a client, Accelo updates automatically saving time and giving you confidence to know what's going on. Simply add your clients, and Accelo takes care of the rest. 

In Accelo you can use your CRM Database to:

  • Keep all your customer details up to date and easily manageable. 
  • Follow and track potential customers easily. 
  • Automatically track and share client emails, attachments and appointments without changing how you normally use email

Click Next to learn how to Create a Client.

Anatomy of a Company Page

With your new client open in front of you, you can see all of the information you added earlier, separated in a two column format. On the left column you will find all Company Details, and the right side details of all Ongoing Work.

Example Client

Your client page will house all client details you have added, as well as being a one-stop resource for all work being completed across all modules in Accelo.

Your client information is separated by tabs. Open this page at any time to quickly see most recent client interactions on their Stream, status and progress of their ongoing Work, all related contact details of each Company, invoice history, ongoing tasks, and more.

Just below the client name, you will see easy ways to edit your client information, change the Client Status, and record your client interactions such as emails, logged phone calls, and meetings through Activities.

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