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A Library of Client Data - The Assets Module

Whether you’re in IT Services storing passwords and media data from your Client, or tracking the materials ordered for constructing a home, your archive of Client data is available to be accessed from Sales, Projects, Tickets, or anywhere you may need.  

By creating templated Assets you can pre-populate your standard data fields and values, allowing you to save time and focus on your work without scrambling through spreadsheets or emails for that password on file.

You can define and build unlimited Asset Types, allowing more flexibility for various services or data tracking for your needs.

Using the Assets Module Guides, you can:

Assets Defined in Accelo

An asset is a collection of records and details relevant to a Client. It is composed of defined Custom Fields which you can place against existing Clients. To illustrate, here's a couple of examples of the way some of our clients have been using this feature:

  • IT Service Companies (also called MSPs) can use the Assets module to store which computers, servers, routers and other devices their clients have; they can put custom fields on different asset types, like the hard drive space for a computer/laptop or the serial number or warranty expiry for a router.

  • Advertising agencies can use the Assets module to keep a list of advertising inventories they can help their clients advertise in (such as billboards, or print advertising sizes), keeping an index of prices/rates, sizes and circulation or traffic.

  • Accountants, Lawyers or other advisors can use the Assets module to keep track of corporate entities under a client, storing information like their end of financial year date, state of incorporation and entity type.

  • Digital agencies can use the Assets module to keep track of their client's domain names, including who they're registered with, access details/keys, expiry dates and renewal rates.

Configure this Product Name

Easily rename the Assets Product to something more meaningful to you before you start tracking your work, ie - “Archives”.  You can easily configure the name of each module, including Assets, to whatever makes the most sense for your business.

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