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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Create a New Sale

Want to improve your client relationships?

Keep track of all of the deals in your pipeline and stay on top of your sales efforts by quickly adding new sales with the click of a button. You can also streamline your process and cut down on unnecessary administrative work for your Sales Team by creating automation.

Using this guide, you can:

Create a New Sale in Accelo

There are two ways to create a new sale:

  1. Create new records quickly, from Timers to Sales, via the +Create button in the Navigation Bar.

    accelo.create sale

  2. From the Company or Contact page, click the +Add button on the Client Menu bar and choose New Sale.

accelo.add new sale 

When adding a new Sale, you will have the option to fill in any helpful fields. The Client/Company & Type are locked in once the Sale has been created, but the Title, Manager, etc. can be updated at any time.

Field Options when adding a Sale:

  • Title: A summary of the opportunity, such as "Distribution Lead" or "Looking to update their website".

  • Contact: Company’s main point of contact on the sale.

  • Salesperson: Select the staff member who will be responsible for this sale.

  • Sales Type: The Type field will be presented if your account has been configured with additional Sales Types.  These Types allow you to more precisely define your various Sales processes along with all of the data points and processes that go with them.  When creating a Sale, the Type can be used to determine which of these processes this specific opportunity should follow.

  • Progression: Where in the process your Sale should begin. Read more about Progressions here.

  • Created: When this opportunity was first identified.  This field is great for entering opportunities retroactively.  

  • Comments: Record any brief notes you might have regarding this opportunity.

Add a Sale 

After you fill in the required fields, press the Create Sale button to begin tracking all of your time, notes, progress and correspondence. More information on managing your Sales can be found on the View a Sale page.

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