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Booking Work

Accelo's Dynamic Scheduling tool allows you to more easily track your team's workload by automatically scheduling work based on your deadlines, and your team's availability. The Booking tool empowers you to take this Auto Scheduled time, and book it for a specific day or time, locking that work into your team's schedule based on your specific deadlines while taking advantage of the workload insight offered by Auto Scheduled time.

Using this guide, you can:

NOTE: This feature is available for Premium Users only.

 Booking Work

Booking work in Accelo allows you to lock in time which was automatically scheduled via Accelo's Dynamic Scheduling tool to a specific time or day.  This is a great way to use the estimates provided by Accelo to more accurately plan what your team will be working on, and when. 

Where do I find the Booking tool?

Bookings in Accelo can be made from any View Object screen (for example, on any individual Sale, Project, Ticket or Retainer).

This can be done on the left-hand side of the screen under the Bookings section. To start booking work from that Object, click the + Create button.

Bookings 234

That being said, Accelo recommends using the Schedule Dashboard for bookings so that you can incorporate your team's availability.

To book time from the Schedule Dashboard, click on the Book Time option either next to the Accelo user's name on the left-hand side of the screen, or on the slideout modal that appears after clicking on a specific day on the user's schedule.

Bookings 567


When Booking work, there are two ways in which time can be Booked:

  • Commit: Committing time allows you to book an amount of time to a single day.  This is a great way to block all or part of your team's day to work on a specific Task, and is the most common way to schedule your team in Accelo.



  • Schedule:  Scheduling time allows you to book time not just to a single day, but to a specific time of day as well, and is a great tool for assigning work that needs to be completed at a certain time or location.  Scheduling work will also place the event on the assignee's integrated Google or Exchange calendar.

    booking schedule

Whether you Commit or Schedule time, your time can easily see this assignment and log that time through their My Schedule and Daily  or Weekly Timesheet.

Booking Work for Multiple Days or People

When Committing and Scheduling time, you may find yourself needing to schedule your team for more than just one day at a time, and may need to have more than one person work on a single Task.  Booking makes it easy to book work for multiple days and for multiple people at once!  Booking time for multiple days or people can be done both by Committing and Scheduling time.

To book time for multiple days, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the Range button.

  2. Next, select the first and last days which you'd like to book work for.

    range dates
  3. Enter the amount of time which should be booked each day.  For bookings which are longer than one week, these times will be booked for each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. 

    range times
  4. Click Commit/Schedule.  You're done!


To book time for multiple people, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click Add User.

    add user2
  2. Search for and select a user.  

  3. When Committing time, enter the amount of time which the additional person should be booked for.

    time multi

    When Scheduling time, enter the additional person will be included in the scheduled event.  They will also appear as at attendee when the event is synced with Google or Exchange calendar

    schedule multi
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